So Close Yet So Far

"With all of the struggles and everything in between, I know we can overcome it all and prove anyone that ever doubted us, wrong."


4. ❥A Year Later Surprises

Sydneys POV

   I can't believe Niall and I had become best friends just a year ago today. It seemed as if we'd just met each other for the second time yesterday. We hadn't necessarily fallen for each other, but our relationship could be classified as secure, molded, together forever. You get the gist.

  I yawned and then tossed and turned to get comfortable again. Looking at how early it was made me groan. Just as i'd gotten serene again my phone rang. I looked at the caller ID and saw it was Niall then immediately answered.

  "Morning Sleepyhead!"

  I giggled, "Yeah, thanks for calling me at 8 in the morning to call me that!"

  "You know that's not why I called you.."

  "I'm pretty sure I do know Horan,"

  "Today's our 1 year anniversary together! Well, not together, but you know what I mean. B-bestfriend wise.."

   I could hear the embarrassment in his voice and knew he was madly blushing now, "Yes i  know Niall. You don't have to fluster yourself over that!" Every time he got embarrassed over something he'd try to explain himself in the end. That was something i'd caught onto fairly quickly.

  I'd been trying to break that habit because he had no reason to be disconcerted while talking to me. 

  "So, I have something amazing planned how does that sound for the day?"

  "Perfect! I had nothing to do anyways. I'd rather spend the day with you."

  He chuckled then told me to come over as soon as i could. I agreed and hung up to get ready for my day.


  Niall had come to pick me up at about 7 that evening, and then we took off to this 'secret place'. I had no clue as to where he was taking me only because he wouldn't even give me and idea of what the scenery looked like.

  Supposedly he figured I would know exactly where we were going if he told me, then it would no longer be a surprise. Once we got there Niall parked and guided me out of the car with his hands over my eyes. "Come on Niall.. I can feel the wind I know were outside just let me see already!" I whined.

  "Be patient we're almost there!" He replied.

  I heard someone spreading out a blanket and Niall sat me down on it replacing his hands with a blind fold. "Thanks boys!" He shouted. So the boys were involved in this little surprise.. I shouldn't be surprised. "Louis I know your here! Can you at least tell me where i am?!" I said becoming impatient.

  "Nope, sorry love Niall's touching up a couple of things. He shouldn't be to much longer." I could hear the smirk in his voice which made me want to get up and slap it off of his face. "Fine since you guys don't want to tell me i'll figure it out myself."

   I got up off of the blanket and kept walking in a straight line until all of the boys yelled, "NO SYD STOP! THERES A LAKE THERE!" I heard footsteps run over to me, but before they could stop me I snatched off my blindfold, and when i tell you there was a sight to see.

   This was magnificent. Grove Park.. where Niall and I met I should've known. I looked up at him and he shrugged his shoulders and smiled like this was nothing. I was speechless.. we'd only been friends for a year and he felt the need to do something this special for me?

 The girl he didn't have to trust that day. The girl he could have treated like any other fan, but no. Niall hadn't treated me like that. He trusted me with all of his heart, and he'd made that clear countless times.

 Just little things like that is what kept us close. Our trust for each other and not to mention all of the uncountable times we talked to each other about everything. It was amazing that something like this could happen in just a year, but I was entirely grateful that it did.

    Niall grabbed hold of my hand and walked me back over to where the blanket was. We both sat on it this time looking out at the lake. "This is beautiful Niall.. I don't know why you did all of this for me." I said. The wind was blowing lightly at my hair making this seem like a dream.

  "You deserve it Syd. You and the boys have been there for me through it all! I'm glad I can say that about you." Him saying this made me uncontrollably smile. I don't know why this shy feeling all of a sudden came over me because Niall and I had gone on 'dates' all of the time. Just nothing compared to this.

 This meant a lot to me, and I wanted him to make sure he knew that. "Thank you so much," I whispered taking him into a hug. Tears brimmed my eyes, and i hadn't ever cried in front of Niall. Let alone any guy!

 "Syd.. are you c-crying?" He asked in shock pulling out of the hug and holding onto my shoulders. I nodded and took him into a hug again only harder this time. "You've never cried in front of me before. Did I do something wrong?" I laughed and sniffed wiping away my tears.

 "Are you kidding? Niall i'm just so happy! Your amazing to me, and I-I just can't thank you enough." He rubbed small circles in my back and told me not to thank him.

  "The water's so pretty." I whispered. A brisk wind came through and made the lake look choppy. "It's so calm here. I love coming after a long tiring day to just clear my head of everything. I could sit back and watch the water crash against the rocks all day." He said moving closer to me.

  "Thanks for everything the boys helped me with I didn't mess this all up." He chuckled, "I did most of this, but they helped a lot.. i'm not exactly the romantic type.." He said blushing.  "That's ok i'm still in love with everything you've done for me with the boys help or not. Thank you so much Niall I love you." 

  And that was the first time i'd ever told Niall that I loved him. I felt like it was time to tell him. Just as friends, but although we were the best of friends it still meant a lot to the both of us. 


 "I love you too, Sydney." He replied hugging me for the third time tonight.


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