Not So Normal Girls *Sequel to Just Normal Girls*

The girls are back and better than ever! it's been three years since they met One Direction and became their girlfriends. Already, their lives are changing. Two of them are mothers and all of them have promise rings from the lads. What's next for these lucky girls?


8. Surprise Surprise

Madi POV

"I missed my period." Aubrey said.

"'re not.....? Are you.....?" I stumbled.

"......I don't know....." she left the room.

I said on the couch. What would Louis think of this? I mean, I know he's old enough and all, but with all the work he has ad the traveling, how would he handle it?

I mean, I realize Sky, Niall, Harry, and I can all handle it......sorta.

But, what if Aubrey and Louis aren't ready?

Aubrey walked back into the room, her face pale.

"Well?" I asked.

".......It's positive." she answered.

I was waiting for the tears, for her to say that she wasn't ready.

Instead, she smiled really big.

I chuckled. "What?"

"I thought I wouldn't be ready for this. But, I.......I think I am. I want a child. I want someone to take care of. I think I'm ready, Madi." she answered.

I smiled. Aubrey was one of those people who knew what they wanted.

Right at that moment, Louis walked through the door.

He stopped in his tracks and stared at Aubrey for a while.

"What is it?" he asked.

Aubrey walked up to him and showed him the little stick, smiling.

"You're.......?" he stared at her.

She nodded.

I couldn't read the expression on his face. I was half ready to run after him if he ran out.

But, he smiled just like Aubrey did.

He picked her up and spun her around, kissing her.

"I'm gonna be a daddy!" he cheered.

I laughed. "Well, I better get going. Wouldn't want anything terrible to happen at my hotel room."

They nodded.

I got up and headed for the door. "Congratulations." I said on my way out.


"I'm back....what the hell happened in here!?" I shouted as I walked through the door.

The walls were covered in flour, as were the girls.


His head popped up from behind the counter.


"What happened in here? I'm gone for not even an hour and this place is a pig stye!" I said.


"Hi, Madi!" I heard someone shout. Niall, Sky, & Heather came in the room.

"What the hell is going on here!?" I shouted, quickly covering my mouth, remembering that there were three children in the room.

"We came over to see what you guys were up to and saw Harry alone, so we were gonna bake you surprise cookies. Not the best idea..." Sky answered.

I laughed. "Well, I think we should get the girls cleaned up, Sky. Harry, baby, can you and Niall clean up a little?" I asked, with puppy dog eyes that I knew he couldn't resist.

He chuckled. "Sure, love." he came over and tried to kiss me. I put my hand on his chest, stopping him.

"You can kiss me when you're less floury." I said.

He pouted and I winked at him.

Well, today was full of surprises. First, Aubrey's pregnant. Second, I come home to our hotel room COVERED in flour.

I wonder what other surprises are in store for me.....
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