Not So Normal Girls *Sequel to Just Normal Girls*

The girls are back and better than ever! it's been three years since they met One Direction and became their girlfriends. Already, their lives are changing. Two of them are mothers and all of them have promise rings from the lads. What's next for these lucky girls?


4. Sky



"Sky! Heather! Smile for the camera!" Niall shouted at me and our baby girl.


I smiled and Heather did her cute show-your-one-little-tooth smile. Niall took the picture and I picked up my little girl.


I looked into her small blue eyes and smiled. She was born about a week after Madi and Harry's twin girls. She has Niall's eyes and my blonde hair, only her hair was wavy whereas mine is straight.


Niall came over and kissed Heather's cheek. Then, he kissed my lips. I smiled.


"Ok. Now I want a picture or two of you and Heather, Ni." I told him, handing Heather to Niall.


He nodded and lifted Heather into the air. She giggled. She had more Niall's fun-loving, carefree personality. I'm hoping that she'll have my smarts when she's older.


I grabbed the camera and backed away.


"Ok! Pose and smile!" I shouted. Niall held Heather on his hip and she did the face that looked like 'The Scream' painting but way cute and Niall did the same with one hand. Heather smiled into it and Niall did a funny face.


I laughed and took the picture.


"Last one! Make it sweet!" I said.


Heather, out of instinct, wrapped her arms around Niall's neck and gave him a squeezy hug. He smiled and hugged her back.


I smiled and took the picture. This was going to hang on the wall when we buy our flat.


Guess I like the way you smile
With your eyes
Other guys see it but don't realise
That it's m-m-ma lovin


I heard my ringtone and took my phone out.


Niall walked over. "Who is it?" he asked.


"Amber. Hang on a sec." I answered.


I pressed the answer button on my phone.


"Yello." I said.


"Hey, Sky."


"Hello, Amber."


"You and Niall coming this afternoon?"


"Yeah! Wouldn't miss it for the world!" I answered happily. I looked over at Niall with our baby girl. He was spinning her around and she was laughing her cute little laugh. I smiled.


"Heeeeeelllllllooooooo? SKYLER!" Amber yelled.


I jumped. "Huh? What? Yes?" I said quickly.


She laughed. "I said it's at 5 o'clock."


"Alrighty. See you there!" I said, hanging up.


I walked over to Niall and took Heather from him.


"Let's get ready to go. This is super special to Amber." I said. He nodded and grabbed my hand.


As we got in the car, Niall started humming Truly Madly Deeply. When he got in the drivers seat, he looked at me and smiled.


"Truly, madly, deeply, I am
Foolishly, completely fallen
And somehow, you kicked all my walls in
So baby, say you’ll always keep me
Truly, madly, crazy, deeply in love with you"
he sang.


I blushed and kissed him.


As we drove, he held my hand and sang many of his beautiful songs. After every one, he'd kiss my hand.


I smiled. I can see it now: Me and Niall happily married with two girls, Heather and Noel. We'll live in Ireland in an amazing country style house. We'll grow old together.......


"Sky?" Niall snapped me out of my wonderful trance.




He smiled. "I love you." he said, kissing my cheek. Then, he turned to Heather. "And I love you, princess." he blew her a kiss and she blew one back.


"I thought I was your princess?" I pouted.


He chuckled. "Heather is my princess. You are my queen."


I blushed and kissed him.


Even three years later, he makes my heart speed up.

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