Not So Normal Girls *Sequel to Just Normal Girls*

The girls are back and better than ever! it's been three years since they met One Direction and became their girlfriends. Already, their lives are changing. Two of them are mothers and all of them have promise rings from the lads. What's next for these lucky girls?


3. Salina

Salina POV

I coughed for the hundredth time. Ugh. I HATE being sick. I had to miss my recording session with Aubrey. I've been in bed, watching movies, and checking my Twitter and Facebook.

I picked up my laptop and got onto Twitter again. Zayn mentioned me in a tweet.

@zaynmalik: Hoping my girl, @salina_the_one , feels better soon. She means the world 2 me, so every1 tell her 2 Get Well Soon!! <3

I smiled at the tweet. It was sent a minute ago. I logged off my computer and lied back down, coughing.

My phone started to vibrate like crazy. I looked at it. The screen was lighting up with thousands upon thousands of mentions on Twitter, all saying to get well soon. Though, there was the occasional threats the girls and I got.

I have to admit, they make us sad and we occasionally cry. But, our boyfriends always cheer us up. Zayn always throws comments my way, Louis makes Aubrey laugh and cuddles her, Liam keeps Amber happy by deleting the tweets before she sees them (though sometimes it doesn't work), Niall makes Sky laugh and tickles her, and Harry cuddles Madi and compliments her. But, altogether, they stick up for us on Twitter by tweeting long tweets about how we all make them happy and how we're the most beautiful people in the world.

The door opened and Zayn came in.

"Hey." I said with my scratchy voice.

He smiled. "Hey. How do you feel?"

"Horrible. But, happy that you're here." I answered.

He smiled again and started to walk towards me.

I threw a pillow at him. "Don't come any further! I don't want to get you sick."

He chuckled. "I don't care if I get sick."

"You'll miss the tour!"

He chuckled again. "Love, tour isn't for another two weeks."

"So? I'm still not getting you sick....."

He bent down and kissed my head. "See? No harm done."

"Yeah, right......" I mumbled.

"What?" Zayn asked.

"I love you." I said, smiling and making a heart with my hands.

He chuckled and made a terrible heart with his hands, just like in the 'Live While We're Young' music video.

"You make terrible hearts." I teased, then coughed while laughing.

"Here. Take some of this, love." he said, handing me some cough drops.

I nodded and took the cough drops.

"I'm gonna go to sleep. Love you." I said, blowing him a kiss.

He smiled and nodded. "Love you too."

I went into our bedroom and fell asleep immediately.


I woke up to silence. Not even the smallest sound. I got up and went into the living room.

"Zayn?" I asked in my raspy voice.

No answer.

I walked into the kitchen. "Zayn?" I asked, louder this time.

Still no answer.

"Zayn Malik! If you don't show yourself, I swear to God, I will-" I stopped when I saw a note.

Went to the store to get you some medicine. I'll be back in a few.
Love you,

I smiled. This boy is just so sweet. I coughed and went to get some water. Then, I sat on the couch and flicked on the T.V.

I didn't pay much attention to what was on. I didn't care.

I have a headache, I'm coughing nonstop, and my throat is dry. This just sucks. The only good thing about being sick, is having Zayn take care of me.

Speaking of the angel, the door opened and he walked in.

"Hi. How are you feeling, love?" he said. He walked over and sat next to me.

"Eh. I feel better now that my boyfriend is here." I said quietly.

He smiled and gave me my medicine. I took it.

I sighed, my throat finally feeling better. Then, I put my elbows on my knees and my head in my hands. I hate headaches.

Zayn put his hand on my neck. He started to trace the small heart tattoo I had on the back of my neck.

I relaxed a bit and laid back on Zayn's chest.

"I love you. Even if you're sick." he said, kissing my cheek.

"One, don't kiss me, I don't want to get you sick. And two, I love you too." I said, smiling.

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