Not So Normal Girls *Sequel to Just Normal Girls*

The girls are back and better than ever! it's been three years since they met One Direction and became their girlfriends. Already, their lives are changing. Two of them are mothers and all of them have promise rings from the lads. What's next for these lucky girls?


7. Pains, Dizziness, And More

Aubrey POV


I couldn't sleep at all last night. That nightmare would keep haunting me and would keep me up all night.


I made some coffee and stood in the kitchen, setting my elbows down on the island. I started to hum one of my new songs. i heard the lyrics in my head.


Oh can it be

That we are meant to be?

Oh is it true

That I'm in love with you?


I felt to strong arms wrap around my waist. Louis kissed my cheek and whispered in my ear, "Morning, love. Did you sleep well?"


"Lou, I didn't sleep at all after that nightmare." I told him, taking a sip of my coffee.


He buried his face in the crook of my neck. We sat like that for a while, then I remembered something.


"Lou! I forgot!" I shouted, pulling out of his grasp.


"What is it, love?" he asked.


"Madi, Harry, Sky, and Niall all want some time off from watching the girls. So, they need people to watch the girls. I volunteered, which means you volunteered, which means we're spending our Friday night watching three baby girls." I said, smiling.


I LOVE kids, if you haven't guessed.


He shrugged and got up. "Are they going to drop them off here?"


"Yup." I said, popping the 'p', "At around 6."


He nodded.


I fell back onto the couch and felt a small amount of pain in my stomach. I grunted and grabbed my stomach.


Lou ran over, concerned. "Aubrey! Love, are you alright?!"


I took a deep breath. "......I think so....ow...."


"Are you sure....?" he asked, not believing it.


I nodded. I got up and felt dizzy. "Woah." I whispered, clutching my head.


He shot up in an instant. "Aubrey, love? Are you sure? You don't seem alright."


I nodded again. "I'm fine, Lou."


He nodded, kissed my head, and left to get changed.


I walked into the guest room and looked out the window. I saw one of Harry's cars pull into the driveway. Madi came out alone.


I walked to the door and opened it when she knocked.


"Heeeeey!" she said.


I smiled. "Hi."


She walked in. "You ok?"


I shook my head. "I have pain in my stomach and I feel dizzy sometimes."


"I'm sure you're alright." she smiled.


Louis walked in. "Hello, Madi."


"Hey, Lou!" she hugged him.


"What are you doing here?"


"What? A girl can't come to see her best friend on a Saturday?" she laughed. "I left Harry asleep with the girls. It's about time he spends some alone time with them."


I laughed and felt a shot of pain in my stomach again.


I groaned and Louis ran over to me, helping me sit down.


".....I'll be right back. Lou? Can you go buy me some pain reliever or something.....?" I asked.


He nodded and left.


I walked into the bathroom and realized something.


I walked out.


"Is something wrong, Aubrey?" Madi asked, seeing my pale face.


"Madi, I........I missed my period."

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