Not So Normal Girls *Sequel to Just Normal Girls*

The girls are back and better than ever! it's been three years since they met One Direction and became their girlfriends. Already, their lives are changing. Two of them are mothers and all of them have promise rings from the lads. What's next for these lucky girls?


2. Aubrey

~Aubrey POV~

I unlocked my hotel room door and walked inside. I hung my purse on the coat rack and threw my car keys on the counter.

I just got back from the recording studio. Why? Well, even though I graduated from JMU, I decided not to become a doctor, I became the lads' opening act with Salina.

Louis still wasn't back from recording with the lads, so I decided to take a nap. I went into our room and threw myself onto the bed, falling asleep immediately.


I felt hands around my waist. I opened my eyes to see Louis lying in front of me, sleeping.

I smiled and kissed his lips. His eyes opened and he smiled.

"Hello, beautiful." he whispered.

"Hi, Lou."

I sat up and he did too.


"How did the recording session go?" he asked me.

I groaned and fell back into his lap. "Tiring and slooooow." I answered.

He chuckled and started to mess with my hair.

"How can you stand it?" I asked him, "I mean, it gets so boring."

"Well, the lads and I just mess around. Course, we get in trouble, but it's still always fun. Wasn't Salina with you?" he answered.

"No. She's sick so I had to go all alone. Madi would've come with me but she had to take care of the twins while Harry was gone." I told him.

He nodded. "Well, next time you have a recording session, I'll be sure to go."

"Awww thanks, Lou!" I cooed. He bent down and kissed me.

I smiled and sat up. "Are you hungry?" I asked him.

He chuckled. "Uh, not as hungry as Niall, but yeah a little."

I smiled. "Last one out of the hotel buys frozen yogurt!" I shouted, running out of the bedroom.

"Hey! No fair!" I heard him shout.

I kept running and in an instant, I felt arms around my waist, picking me up.

"Lou!" I laughed, "Put me down!"

"No." he said.

"Then give me a piggyback ride!" I said.

He shrugged and I got on his back. We walked out of the hotel, both of us wearing our disguises, and got in his car.


"This is some good frozen yogurt." I said.

He nodded, agreeing.

We were sitting in a booth at a place called Snog Frozen Yoghurt. (that's an actual frozen yogurt shop in London btw)

We were sitting in the back of the shop and so far, no one knew who we were.

Guess I spoke to soon......

"Oh. My. God! You're Louis Tomlinson! And you're Aubrey!" a teenage girl, who looked to be about 18, shouted.

Louis quickly covered her mouth and we both shushed her. She nodded and we both gave her our autographs.

She left and Louis and I decided we should leave too.

"C'mon, love. Let's go home. I have a surprise for you." he said, getting up and reaching out his hand to me.

I smiled and took his hand. We got into the car and headed for the hotel.

We got inside and I immediately threw myself onto the couch. Louis chuckled and sat down next to me. I put my legs in his lap.

"So, what's this little 'surprise' you have for me?" I asked him.


He got up and came back with a mini Chinese take-out box with and owl on the front.

Oh. My. God. I know what this is! I've wanted one for so long!

He handed me the box and I opened it. I reached in and pulled out the "fortune cookie" and opened it.

I reached into it and pulled out the Origami Owl Living Locket. Madi got one when she was 17 and I've wanted one since.

Origami Owl is a company made by a 13 year old girl. They're called 'Living Lockets' and you get to pick charms to put inside them.

The one Louis got me had a purple stone (my favorite color), a ruby (for July, the month I was born in), a diamond 'A' for my name, a diamond 'L' for his name, and an infinity sign.


"'s beautiful!" I said.

I handed him the necklace, turned around, and lifted my hair up.

He put the necklace on me. Then, I let go of my hair and he wrapped his arms around my waist. I smiled and he kissed my cheek.


"Thank you, Lou. I love it." I said.

"And I love you." he said.

"I love you more."

"I highly doubt that."

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