Live While We Are Young

A new girl named Jo moves to Bianca High and meets 5 amazing boys one of them bieng her cousin. How long can she go hiding her secret and managing to keep her friendships?


2. New school

I Got of my bike I new how all the schools are there are the goths nerd footballer and the cool kids if you are lucky enough to find some normal friends then woop!

First I had shops usually girls dont choose it but off course i wasnt a normal girl i loved building and fixing thing I had grown up doing it.

"The fashion class is that way" My shop class teacher told me

"As sexsist as that is I came here for the shop class" i told him

"Really wow, go sit next to Zayn you will be partners from now on" he told me suprised

"Hi" the boy Zayn said to me

"Hi I am Jo" I replied

"Class we will be making a birdhouse with a camera inside whoever can make it work will get points towards college" Our teacher announced this was what i was waiting for i needed to pass this subject with flying colours to get into college

"So i am guessing you want to decorate the birdhouse and i will do all the building work?" Zayn asked you know what as soon as you think a guy is nice goodlooking they speak and ruin it.

"Thanks but no thanks i would rather build it" I replied getting a few woods and measuring it

" I am impressed" he replied



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