Live While We Are Young

A new girl named Jo moves to Bianca High and meets 5 amazing boys one of them bieng her cousin. How long can she go hiding her secret and managing to keep her friendships?


3. Family reunion

I walk out into the cafeteria room as all the other schools there are tables for groups of people I decided to sit by myself I don't like getting attached to people easily. I stand in the ques to get my lunch when i bump into. It cant be , but it is, IT IS!

"Eleanor" I say excitedly

"Jo little cousin how are you? and what are you doing here?" El asked rampaging me with questions 

"Hi El, I am great, and we moved again but we are staying for good" i answer El

Eleanor is my favorite most nicest prettiest closest cousin she is absolutely amazing she has always been there for me and i can always tell her anything i like she is the best!

"Jo, come on i will make you meet my friends" El said after getting her lunch I followed quietly excited to meet El's friends 

"Hey guys this is my cousin Jo" exclaimed El. she started walking to a brown hair boy he was quiet good looking she went there and kissed him. Awwwww El has a boyfriend and they are the cutest nawwww. I started smiling to myself and i am guessing El noticed because she chuckled at me.

"Hi" I said to El's friends

"Jo this is Louis, My boyfriend" El said hugging Louis 

"Hi" i said to Louis

"Hi Jo i like your name" Louis said with a smile

"Thanks Louis" i replied with a smile

"Its okay and call me Lou its easier" Louis I mean Lou said 

"Stop Flirting with her Lou" El told Lou 

"Sorry" Lou apologised

"Jo this is Niall he loves food" El said laughing at Niall eating he had deep blue eyes and blonde hair he was perfect.

"Hi Jo" Niall said in his accent my name sounded cool I liked his accent and him altogether

"Hi nice to meet you" I said he smiled at me and started eating again he stuffed his mouth and I am pretty sure he said sorry cant stay without food for a long time Ha that cutie

"This is Danielle and Liam They are the second cutest couple after us equaling though" Elanor said laughing towards me I felt a bit like forever alone i never had a boyfriend or anything wow that's not good. 

"Hi nice to meet you both of you" I said with a smile

"Hey Jo" They smiled back

"Hey Lou where is Harry, Zayn and Perrie?" Eleanor asked Lou

"They should be here soon" Lou replied before kissing El I wondered is Zayn the same person in shop class or what?

"Hey Guys I heard Niall mumble" I turned around and my smile dissapered. There they were happy together Zayn and Perrie I thought I liked him but he has a girlfriend there is no point. After Zayn saw me he let go of Perrie's hand and looked on the ground with guilty eyes why was he bieng guilty he didnt do anything wrong right? Then I saw it Perrie looked at Niall with passionate eyes and he looked back the same way maybe they like eachother they cant though.

"Harry, Hazza" Lou shouted and jumped up in the most gorgeous boys arms he had curly hair and green eyes he was amazing he suddenly looked at me and smiled I blushed like crazy and Lou coughed.

"Harry this is Jo El's cousin." Lou introduced us

"H-H-Hi Harry" I stuttered i never stutter 

"Hi Jo, May i say you look beautiful" Harry replied while putting Lou down I blushed even more

"Thankyou" I replied smiling

"Its okay Gorgeous" Harry replied 

I was looking deep into his green eyes and he was looking at mine when a cough inturupted us it was Zayn.

"Harry, sit down will you" Zayn said coldly why would he Perrie and him were happy together right?


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