IZZY RUN AWAY FROM HER ORPHNAGE. and meets a charming boy who goes by the name of Niall he is in a boy band called one direction.Niall loves her but does she love him.


6. the car ride

i ran upstairs and got dressed in black skinny jeans and a i love domo shirt.i ran back downstairs and grabbed my car keys. "im going for a car ride see ya later." i ran outside and hopped into the car. i was on the road when i saw  5 teenage boys outside standing by a car. i pulled over behind them and hopped out of my new car. "hi im izzy what are you guys standing here for?" i asked. "oh....um....hi my name is dalton said on boy with blonde hair and me and my friends car broke down." said one of the boys. "oh...can i help with anything?" asked izzy "uh no in less you will let us use your car to hotwire ours." said a boy with light brown hair. "oh ya my name is cole and this is gabe,will and dana were in a band called im5." said cole. "oh cool ive heard of you guys." said izzy

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