Forbidden Love

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Molly, Charline, and Auste are best friends. When they get sent to a boarding school for their own safety, they meet some new friends. 5 boys. Named Louis, Liam, Niall, Harry, and Zayn. Will one of the girls fall for them? What will happen when there's drama at the boarding school? Read and find out!


14. Volleyball practice with a surprise guest

Molly's P.O.V.

I make my way to the gym in my volleyball clothes which consisted of shorts, a baggy t-shirt, sneekers, and knee pads. I look at the clock on the wall right outaide the gym and I hav 30 seconds to get in there. I start sprinting and in no time, I reached the gym. I run over to the coach. "Hi, I'm Molly Carter and I would like to join the team." I greet. "Can you serve and make it over almost every time?" "Yeah" "Can you bump or set the ball to your team mates?" "Yup" "Ok, how about spikeing. Can you spike?" She asks. "Of course!" I exclaim. What does she think I've never played a sport before?! "Ok if you pass tryouts then you can call me Coach!" "Great!" This will be fun. I look around to see if Chloe was on the volleyball team. Nope, but Madison was. Even better. "Ok girls! Listen up! Everybody line up on the line so I can teach you your warm-up routine then we'll do a schrimage so we can see if we'll have a new addition to the team." everybody cheered except, of course, Madison. We start schrimaging and I was first to surve. I tossed the ball high in the air ran, jumped and hit it with all my might and it made it over. What I just did was a jump serve. You have to be able to do it in college volleyball. The other side bumped it, then set it, and then someone jumped up and spiked it over. I dove after it and bumped it up to my team. Which they set and spiked it over the net and we ended up getting a point. The coach said outloud, "Ok, Carter! You have two out of the four requirments down. Let's see if we can get the other two checked off." I nodded and searved it over the net. Their team retrieved it and sended it flying over. Piece of cake. I set it, one team mate set it back to me and I jumped up to spike it. The ball connected with my hand and went soaring down to the ground of the other side, nearly missing Madison Highland's face. 

Louis's P.O.V.

I followed Molly to the gym and waited outside for about five minutes, then snuck in to watch her tryout. So far she was doing pretty well. The coach yelled out, "Ok, Carter! You have two out of the four requirements down. Let's see if we can get the other two checked off. Molly nodded and surved again. She looked so calm and peaceful when she's on the.... Oh... Never mind. She almost took Madison's face off and Madison was furious. "YOU COULD HAVE KILLED ME!" "Yeah, I could have, but I didn't. I thought that wouldn't have been a good thing on my first day of school." Molly responded calmly. "Well, Carter, you certaintly can spike!" That just made her team mates laugh even more. "COACH!" Madison shrieked. "Ugh what do you want?!" Uh oh she was annoyed. "She. Almost. Killed. Me." "Now, now, Madison. I bet she wouldn't have killed you. She just would have injured you greatly." Now everyone was in stitches including me. "Wait do you hear that?" One of the girls asked. Crap. You see, this is the girl's gym and boys aren't aloud in it. "Someone's laughing and it isn't a girl." another girl said. "Well no duh!" another said. Someone grabbed my ear and dragged me to the coach. "Now look who we have here. Louis Tomlinson." "Hey Coach..." I say sheepishly. "Louis why the heck are you here??" Molly asked. "Because I was eavesdropping..." I looked down at my feet, embarrassed. Coach started to speak, "Louis do you like volleyball?" she asked. "Of course!" I exclaim looking her in the eyes. "Well we need another coach around here and this will make up for you not doing any sports all year." some girls snickered and I looked back down at my shoes and my cheaks went red. "Look, I need to get these girls practiceing so is it a yes or no? Will you be my assistant coach or not?" Coach asked. "Yeah I guess I'll be your assitant." "Good! You can start tomorrow at practice! And as for you, Carter, you made the team." "YES!" Molly screamed and high fived me. "NO!" Madison screamed. "Hey Madison," She looked up at Coach, "If you want to be part of this team, you have to think about your team and whats best for them also. Otherwise you'll get kicked out because all your whining is A-NOY-ING!" she sounded out each syllable and everyone laughed. "Great to have both of you on the team, Carter and Tomlinson. I mean it." "Thanks! We won't let you down. Well at least I won't." Molly smirked and I playfully shoved her. We finished up practice and we left. I saw the coach call Molly over and start talking to her.

Molly's P.O.V.

Coach calls me and I walk over to her at the end of practice. "So Carter. What else do you like to be called instead of Molly?" I answered, "Uhh.. My friends call me Mo." "That's cool..." "Yeah.. So what did you want to talk about, Coach?" "Are you and Louis dating? Because you and him would be a pretty cute couple..." My mouth drops to the floor and I'm about as red as a tomatoe. "No, we're not dating... Plus, wouldn't you turn us into Principal Margaret?" "Heck no! Are you bloody kidding me?! I think this no-dating rule is so STUPID! I mean she's all like 'The only time you can ask someone out is when a dance comming up!'" She mocks in a squeaky voice which was pretty hilarious. "I know you like him, Carter... And I'm pretty sure he likes you back." She smiles and I think: What?! Does everybody think we like eachother?! "I better go, Coach. I still have homework to do and its getting pretty late." "Ok see you around Mo. Can I call you that?" "Yeah, sure! That would be awesome!" I smile and wave bye to her. Then I run out back to the dorm. 

Molly and Louis's P.O.V.

If only he/she knew...
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