Forbidden Love

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Molly, Charline, and Auste are best friends. When they get sent to a boarding school for their own safety, they meet some new friends. 5 boys. Named Louis, Liam, Niall, Harry, and Zayn. Will one of the girls fall for them? What will happen when there's drama at the boarding school? Read and find out!


4. Unpacking

Auste's P.O.V.

When I saw those boys standing in our doorway, I automatically recognized them. One Direction. Then Molly turned around and mouthed "HOT" and Charline and I were not laughing because she said that, we were laughing because she obviously didn't notice who they are. We showed them to the car and we assigned people to help with each car. "Ok, Harry, you help Auste, Louis, you help Molly, and  Niall, Zayn, and Liam, you help Mrs. Carter and I." Charline said. Mental note to myself: THANK CHARLINE A MILLION TIMES!!!! I opened my trunk and handed Harry my suitcase. I grabbed my other suitcase and we walked into the dorm. "So, Harry, why aren't you on tour or something? I mean, why are you here at a boarding school?" 
"Because management said that we still needed to go to school since its the law and we stopped going to school because of XFactor." He shrugged. 
"Oohhh" I replied. We continued unpacking my stuff from the car and putting it into the dorm. I hope we become friends. He seems really nice and down-to-earth. 

Harry's P.O.V. 

When the girl with brown hair-Charline, I think- signed me up with Auste, I was in HEAVEN. I was litterally flying inside. I tried to keep my cool but it wasn't really working. She started talking and her voice was like an angel. I hope I can call her mine one day. Then I noticed that she asked me a question and I kind of panicked because I only heard the back half of it. I answer that question and she replied with an "Ooohh". Good. I didn't mess anything up. We continued unpacking her stuff. I never wanted this day to end. 

Molly's P.O.V.

When I heard Charline say those names I was like. OH. EM. GEEE!!!!!!! ONE DIRECTION!! But I kept my cool. Louis came over and helped me take my stuff out of the car. "So, what do you like to do?" Louis looked down on me when he asked. He had a good 2 inches on me. "I love to play Volleyball and Track. I also like to draw." I didn't tell him that I can sing because I don't like it when people hear me sing. You see, only Auste, Charline, my mom, and my ex-boyfriend heard me sing before. I was a confident singer and I could sing infront of anybody until my ex said I sounded like a dying horse. Yeah, I never sang in public again. I also play guitar, but I never play that in public either. "That's cool. They have a Volleyball and track team here. And I'm pretty sure they have an art class too. I think Zayn is in it." Louis said. 
"Thats cool!" I said and I smiled at him. We finished off the last of the stuff in my car and went to help everyone else.

Louis' P.O.V.

I was paired up with a very beautiful girl name Molly. She was pretty tall too. But I was still taller. I asked her what she liked to do and she said she liked to play Volleyball and Track and that she liked to draw. I started going off about how there was a Volleyball and Track team and that there was an art class. Great, Louis! Your babbeling. Ugh! Now she probably thinks that I'm annoying. She said "Thats cool!" and she smiled. Wow, her smile is perfect. We finished off the rest of the boxes in her car and went and helped everyone else. 

Charline's P.O.V.

Wow, I love when I put people into groups. Niall started talking to me and his beautiful Irish accent made me melt inside. "So, what's your favorite kind of food?"  he questioned. 
"umm I really don't know. I like all of them!" 
"Really?! Me too!" I sighed with relief. Finally, we were done unpacking the car. We all went into our dorm and it was full of boxes. We said goodbye to Mrs. Carter because she really needed to go home if she didn't want to make Doug mad. The boys introduced themselves proporly to us and we did the same. We were bored out of our minds until Louis suggested we played Truth or Dare. 
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