Forbidden Love

This is my first Fan Fic so please! Only nice comments!!! Thank you!
Molly, Charline, and Auste are best friends. When they get sent to a boarding school for their own safety, they meet some new friends. 5 boys. Named Louis, Liam, Niall, Harry, and Zayn. Will one of the girls fall for them? What will happen when there's drama at the boarding school? Read and find out!


9. Matchmaker

Zayn's P.O.V.

I woke up this morning to my beautiful girlfriend texting me.

From: My love, Perrie <3
Good morning Zayn! Sorry 2 wake u but we need 2 talk befor class. I have a plan. 

Oh no. I bet its about the boys and Charline, Auste, and Molly. She wants to play matchmaker. I'm in. 

To: My love, Perrie <3
Ok! How about we meet in the courtyard? 

From: My love, Perrie <3 
Sounds good! See u there hun! Xx Perrie

I got ready, grabbed my backpack and sped out the door. We met in the courtyard. "Hello love!" I greeted. "Hey!" she hugged me. We couldn't kiss since we didn't want anyone getting suspicious. "Ok, if we're going to do this, we have to start planning now." "I agree" We sat at the table and started planning. 

Perrie's P.O.V.

Zayn and I started planning on how to get the boys matched up with the girls without them noticing what we were doing. We agreed that I would talk to the girls and him to the boys. We got up and walked to the caffeteria. This starts now. 

Charline's P.O.V.

Zayn and Perrie walk into the caffeteria together. They both have smug looks on their faces. Oh, crap. Perrie comes and sits next to me. "Hey, Cha Cha! What's up?" she asks. "Umm... Nothing much. I signed up for dance today!" "That is so cool! Danielle dances, also. Maybe you could work together!" She says. "Yeah, maybe...." I say hesitently. I have a feeling that she's planning something... "So, who do you like out of the boys?" she whispers. "Niall." I blush, hard. "Ooh! Really? You two would look cute together." She states. "You really think so?" I question, surprised. "Oh, yeah! You guys are, like, perfect for each other. Your like ment to be!" "Haha! That's funny, Perrie, but I doubt he likes me." I say. "Of course he does! Have you seen the way he looks at you?" Perrie interrogats. "Uhh.. No?" I haven't really paid much attention. I look over at Niall and he's smiling and waving.My heart melted right then and there. I smile and wave back. "See what I mean?" I guess Perrie was right. Niall might actually like me! 

Niall's P.O.V.

Zayn and Perrie walked into the caffeteria with mischievious faces on. Zayn comes and sits next to me. "Hey mate" he says. "Hi!" I look up from my food. "So, who do you have a crush on with the girls?" "Charline..." I'm pretty sure my face went redder than a tomatoe. How embarrassing. "Ooh! Somebody's got a CRUSH!" Louis says rather loudly. "Shutup Lou! They might hear you!" "Sorry mate." He apologizes. "Hey, Niall, I overheard the girls talking about what they were signing up for. Charline said she signed up for dance." Harry told me. "Thanks Haz." "No problem. I wonder what Auste is signing up for..." he wonders off in thought. I just chuckle. I look over and meet eye-contact with Charline. My heart starts beating harder. "Just smile and wave, Niall. Smile and wave." Zayn told me. I did what I was told and she did the same back. I looked back at the boys and they were grinning at me. I blushed even harder, if that was possible. 
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