Forbidden Love

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Molly, Charline, and Auste are best friends. When they get sent to a boarding school for their own safety, they meet some new friends. 5 boys. Named Louis, Liam, Niall, Harry, and Zayn. Will one of the girls fall for them? What will happen when there's drama at the boarding school? Read and find out!


3. Boarding School

Chrarline's P.O.V.

Mrs. Carter let me stay over night, but I had to hide from Doug. I heard him come home from the bar around 1 in the morning, and he was obviously drunk. Luckily, everyone was asleep so he didn't hurt anyone- this time. In the past, Doug would come home and beat Molly and Mrs. Carter. Mrs. Carter doesn't dare file a divorce because he said if she did he would kill me, Molly, and Auste and he would make sure she watched us die before he killed her. I was sleeping in the walk-in closet closest to the stairs and let me tell you, it was VERY uncomfortable. But it was the safest in there because, who would ever look for someone sleeping in a closet. Its just not natural. I was texting Auste and Molly because they couldn't sleep either. We were having a group chat on KIK. 
*group chat*
Chacha: r u guys awake?
Auste: No... I'm just sleep txting ya know man? 
Mo: haha lol auste. 
Chacha: no seriously guys i cant go 2 sleep. 
Mo: well no duh! Your sleeping in a walk-in closet! 
Auste: haha lol! 
Chacha: hey mo, can u tell ur step dad to SHUT UP?! I mean seriously! Can he be ANY louder?! 
Auste: i know right?! I can hear him from here! 
Mo: same. And srry but i dont dare to even speak to him at this time. 
Chacha: haha yeah. Well I'm finally getting tired. Night guys! 
*end of group chat* 
It was about 1:30 am when I finally went to bed. I was exausted.

Auste's P.O.V. 

'Let's go crazy, crazy, crazy til we see the sun! I know we only met, but let's pretend its love.' I woke up around 9:00 am to One Direction singing 'Live While We're Young' on my alarm clock. Finally, today is the day that we can finally get away from this house, away from Doug, and away from worrying that my parents will find me. I just hope there are no brats at the boarding school. Trust me thats the last thing we need. Charline, Molly, and I snuck downstairs to get something to eat. Thankfully we made it without anyone noticeing. We quietly ran back upstairs and packed the last of our things. Yesterday, we packed some of our small things into the van in the garage so it would be easier, and faster, to leave when we planned to. We put all of our suitcases where Charline stayed last night since A) it was a step in closet and B) it was faster to just grab somebody's random stuff and run to one of our cars since we all knew how to drive. But Charline doesn't have a car so she's going to drive with Mrs. Carter. 
When Doug finally left for 'work', we started loading the cars so fast that it looked like our lives depended on it. Which it kind of did. Mine and Molly's car were jam-packed full and almost over flowing and Mrs. Carter's car was on the very edge of also doing that. We all jumped in the cars and followed Mrs. Carter. I turned on the radio and Little Mix's song, 'Cannonball' was on. I started singing my heart out when I got a call from Charline. I turned down the radio and answered, "Hello?" 
"Haha! Nice singing Perrie Edwards!" I heard Mrs. Carter laugh in the background. 
"How could you hear me from your car?" I questioned.
"Lets just say that you have a really loud voice and I have really good hearing haha. Oh, and Mrs. Carter said only about 5 more minutes until we get to the boarding school." 
"Ok thanks. See you there! Bye" 
I turned the music back on and drove. 

Molly's P.O.V.

While we were driving, I heard Auste singing 'Cannonball' by Little Mix. And she thinks I sing too loud. We drove about 5 more minutes and then we turned and I saw a HUGE iron gate. On the top of the gate it said 'Water Edge Boarding School'. I looked to my right and left and I saw people playing football (keep in mind this story takes place in England so when I say football, I mean American Soccer. If that makes sense.). We got out of the cars and walked into the office and the secretary said the principal was ready to see us. We walked around the corner and saw a lady around in about her mid-forties. We sat in front of her desk and she said that her name was Principal Margaret. She started going over the rules of the school. 
"Now girls, the dorms are split into two different sections. The girl's dorms and the boy's dorms. Boys and girls are not to date. You may talk to them and help each other but nothing else. That is a very strict rule here. IF you are caught dating, you will go to detention for 3 hours after the school day is over and you will get double the homework then everybody else. Is that clear?" we nodded. Principal Margaret started going over the uniform code, "You are  aloud to wear nailpolish if it is the school's colors which are blue, green, and white. On weekends, there is no class and you don't have to wear your uniforms. On weekends or weekdays, you are not aloud to wear make-up. If you are caught wearing make-up, you will be sent here to take it off and you will have an hour of detention after school." little harsh but ok. She gave us our key to the dorm and gave us a map of the school. She said that they already put out uniforms in our closet and said that she'll send some people to help with bringing our stuff in. We made our way to the dorm. We looked at it and it was HUGE. There were three beds and three desks. There was also three dressers and a bathroom. We heard a knock on the door and I went to open it. There were 5 guys standing there and they were HOT! "Hey. We were sent here to help you bring your stuff in." a brown haired boy said. "Umm... Yeah. I'll show you where our cars are." I looked back at Charline and Auste and I mouthed, "HOT!" they started laughing and then I recognized them from somewhere, "Have I met you guys somewhere? You look really formiliar...." Their eyes went wide and they got panicky. "Uhhh... Nope! Never seen you before! Haha how 'bout we get to those cars!" the black haired one said. "Ok. Right this way" I led them to the cars and I couldn't stop thinking on how formiliar they looked... Oh well I'm probably being blonde and not noticing who they are.  For all I know, they could be extremely famous and I wouldn't even know! 

*A/N* hey guys! Sorry I didn't update yesterday! I had my friend over so i made a really long chapter for you! Hop you like it! Also, please leave some ideas in the comments for me! Thank you so much for reading!!
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