Forbidden Love

This is my first Fan Fic so please! Only nice comments!!! Thank you!
Molly, Charline, and Auste are best friends. When they get sent to a boarding school for their own safety, they meet some new friends. 5 boys. Named Louis, Liam, Niall, Harry, and Zayn. Will one of the girls fall for them? What will happen when there's drama at the boarding school? Read and find out!


18. A/N (again! Sorry :(! )

*A/N* hey guys. Ummm I'm so sorry I'm doing this but I decided to not write fanfics anymore. I'm having this gut-fealing that my mom's gonna find out about it some how and she gonna read it and be all like "WHAT THE CRAP IS THIS?!?!" and I'll be all like "Uhhh nothing..." and I'd get in SO much trouble! Like I said I'm SO sorry. Maybe later in the year I can start updating it again but I don't know. Just right now I don't want to do it :). Thanks to all of you who understand! 
With Love,
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