It's Not That Easy.

AnaVi has been married to Harry Styles for about 2 and a half years now, but things are falling apart and the love that was once installed in them both has vanished. Can AnaVi restore what once was there, or will the marriage crumple like every other celebrity couple.


2. To Tour or Not to Tour?

So the time has come, the boys are going back on tour. I'm sitting on the bed thinking of what to do. One Direction goes on a World Tour in a week but Harry hasn't asked me to go yet. Feeling unsure I text Eleanor Cadler (Louis' Girlfriend) like I always do. The text reads, Hey El, what are you going to do when Louis goes on you know what?! I didn't say tour because she freaks out when she hears that and Louis and her have been together for six years now and every time they leave she goes mental. I get up and go downstairs where Harry is cooking eggs and bacon. "So, I say, What am I going to do when you go on tour?!" Not sure, he replies. Harry, I don't want you to leave for six months!! I know, maybe you could on tour with us? Oh my gosh it would mean the World if I could Harry! I quickly pull out my Iphone 5 out of my pocket and see El has text me back, Hey AnaVi I'm going on tour with them!! I'm about to scream one of my best friends is going to be with me for six whole months! HARRY, I yell because he went to the bathroom, El IS GOING ON TOUR!! He suddenly pops out of the bathroom, I know, he replies, I just asked Lou! This is going to be the best! ** The next week was spent packing and saying good bye to all our friends and family.** The day has arrived, I wake up and notice Harry is still asleep I get up slowly to the bathroom and take a shower. Once I get out I see he is still asleep so I jump on him tell it's time to get up. He wakes up and gives me a kiss , this will be the time of our lives! He says in a sexy morning voice. Let's get going! Harry takes his shower and soon a large car pulls up and loads our things in the back. It takes about an hour to get to the airport when all of the sudden you can here girls screams. Great, I think. We end up sneaking in a backdoor where only two fans are waiting, Harry signs their shirts and takes pictures with them and then someone ask for my autograph. I sign their shirts and I'm off on my way. Wait, Harry says, Lou texted me and told me told me use to meet at the Starbucks by our gate. Ok, I reply, very happy because I love Starbucks. We reach Starbucks and I run and hug Eleanor. We both order Mocha Cookie Crumbles and we are off to the plane. The gang sits down and El and I talk about all we are going to in our first stop. My home town, Cedar Rapids, Iowa! :)    

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