It's Not That Easy.

AnaVi has been married to Harry Styles for about 2 and a half years now, but things are falling apart and the love that was once installed in them both has vanished. Can AnaVi restore what once was there, or will the marriage crumple like every other celebrity couple.


4. The Cops?!

Once we arrived back at my old house we noticed girls and girls lining the streets and police all around my home. Dad. Dad thought it would be a brilliant idea to have a BQQ in the backyard,  but also invite all my families friends!! Ten tables set out as I ,using terrible crutch skills, walked back to the back garden. People flooded around me asking me what happened to my ankle and how I was. After everyone's questions were out we all played badminton. It was the best and I figured out that even though I thought I was good I wasn't. I was quickly reminded that I loved all the boys! They were five of my best friends. The friends all left and soon it was only, my parents, the boys, my brothers, El and I. We all decided to show the British people around my home town. Driving past my High School memory's flooded back to when I was a Fan Girl of One Direction, dreaming I would one day meet them. We stopped by the old coffee shop I used to work at and the boss I had was still there. She was shocked to see the boys as when I worked there I would always talk about their new album, one of their funny interviews or how I would never meet them. Once again I realized, dreams do come true. Eleanor of course got a coffee from their and we headed to Wal-Mart as the have barely been there. Niall was dumb and tweeted about it so girls were there in seconds. Pushing through the fans, the boys picked up every kind of candy or junk food and we headed home to watch Toy Story, requested by Liam. I sat on Harry's lap and fell asleep in his arms.

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