It's Not That Easy.

AnaVi has been married to Harry Styles for about 2 and a half years now, but things are falling apart and the love that was once installed in them both has vanished. Can AnaVi restore what once was there, or will the marriage crumple like every other celebrity couple.


3. Ouch, My Ankle!

As I get up to pull down Harry and my carry on bags when our flight lands, I roll my ankle. The sheer utter pain is creeping trough my body and I begin to cry. "What's wrong?!?" Yells Harry who is 3 seats away. "Rolled my ankle!" I manage back as I am now balling. Harry quickly gets up and jumps over Lou and El and picks me up as about 400 other people are waiting for us to get off. Holding me like a baby he carries me out of the plane and Lou and El carry our bags. He sets me down because I have to go through customs by myself because I am an American citizen and he has to go through Customs and Immigration because he is a British citizen. Limping out of the gate I wait for Harry to get down. Soon Harry get's to skip the line because of me and he's a superstar! Same with Louis and Eleanor. He comes behind me and swoops in to pick me up baby style again. The gang heads to baggage claim where we meet Paul and the other boys! Paul is stuck pulling Harry and I's bags which I fell bad for him because mine is about 200 pounds. Niall, Zayn, Harry, Preston and I are shoved into a large car and Paul, Liam, Louis and El are shoved into another car. The first stop was my parents house and when we arrived at the house my Mom and Harry toke me to the doctors to check my ankle, and also Preston to protect us. It turns out that I just sprained it really badly and needed crutches. I was just happy I didn't need surgery!  

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