It's Not That Easy.

AnaVi has been married to Harry Styles for about 2 and a half years now, but things are falling apart and the love that was once installed in them both has vanished. Can AnaVi restore what once was there, or will the marriage crumple like every other celebrity couple.


1. What has happened?

I wake up, my head is spinning. Thoughts fill my mind, what happened at the club last night with Harry? Where has my married turned into? I flip my head over on my pillow, the rest of the Double Queen bed is empty. My thin body takes up only a small bit of the bed. It takes all my strength to pull myself out of bed and walk towards the bathroom. Harry boxers and his t-shirt that he always sleeps in are on the floor. Smiling, I pick the clothing up and toss it in the hamper. When I'm going to the restroom I think about how much I have now with Harry, then I had in Iowa. The expensive clothes, the large mansion of a house, $1,000,000 cars, and anything and everything that I what. It was a girl's dream, marring a pop star, who is part of a boy band known around the World, and having everything you want at your fingertips. I was frequently reminded that by all the fans and interviewers telling me how lucky I was. People don't think that it's hard but it is. You have to be up to date with the trends, you have to be nice to each and every fan, you have to put up with all the hate on your Twitter account and other Social Networks. I'm always lonely, in a mansion alone when Harry is away or on tour. I've decided that I'm done in the restroom, so I walk into my closet that looks like a small boutique, I pull on my gray sweatpants and slip on a plain white t-shirt. Taking a deep breath, I start down the stairs. I reach the bottom and turn to walk to the kitchen a overwhelming smell of pancakes fills the air. Harry is standing by the stove turning the pancakes, I grab a glass from the cabinet and pour Orange Juice inside of it. The silence is overcoming me, and I speak, "Good morning!" It falls out of my mouth, he turns around and smiles, "Looking mighty hungover!" He chuckles. "What even happened last night?" Feeling, stupid I quickly take a drink of my Orange Juice. "Well, after about five drinks you were getting a bit crazy falling over and yelling at the paps." Thoughts rushing through my head, how did I get home? Were the club mad? What are the fans going to think? Knowing I was upset and had questions, Harry replies, "So I decided that I was going to carry you out the back of the club, and you fell asleep on the way." Here, he says, look at the picture that I toke of you sleeping, you looked so beautiful I had to take a picture. Blushing I blurt out, "When will the pancakes be done?" Soon, he replies. Looks like everything is O.K. I smile to myself, life is good.

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