life as harrys sisters

harry has two sisters and their mum dies all of a sudden while chloe is on a date with liam payne from one direction.


11. while in the plane to Ireland.

Chloe's pov- we are in the plane going to shels birthday suprises. She is the best sister in the world but she deserves this present. she has no idea where were going.

Louis's pov- Shel is the best girl friend in the whloe wide world. I would never hurt her and if I do hurt her I wouldn't blame her if she never talks too me again. But I promised Harry that I would never break her heart. We only have 3hours until the plane lands in Ireland, while were in Ireland we are visiting Nialls family for 2 days and looking at different land marks.

" We are in Ireland right now" Niall said running back were shel and I were. Shel had her head on my shoulder sleeping. And all I know is that when Niall came running Shel opened her eyes.

" Niall why did you come back here yelling?" I said in a whisper.

" Cause we are in my Country what now." he said.

" Well Shel was sleeping"

" Oh sorry I didnt mean to wake her up".

" Its ok I was about wake up any way Ni." Shel said. How can I like a girl whos nice like shel all people call me is a freak.

" Hey Harry."

" Yeah lou."

" Can i talk too you alone?"

" Yeah when we get to Niall's house Okay"

" Okay" I replied.

Chloe's pov- I wonder why Lou wants to talk to haz'. I know it could be private but why can't they talk in front of me at least.

" Hey Harry can we go get some thing to eat and go to the mall please?"

" Yeah Chlo we can go get Nandos and go shopping. Okay."

" Okay I just haven't been shopping in like for ever." My brother is the best big bro' in the whole world. He is now like the only person I can trust including Shel.

( author's note sorry for being so short and I still have writters block and sorry if it dont make sense.)

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