life as harrys sisters

harry has two sisters and their mum dies all of a sudden while chloe is on a date with liam payne from one direction.


7. What just happen??

Shel's pov- Louis just saved me from Jacob he was the worst boy friend in the whole world. I can't belive Louis just told me that he loved me. I love him too but on ther hand Hazz said " shel and chloe are off limits." I replied "I love you too." We got home and I asked " Harry can I please talk too you and chloe alone?" They followed me in to my room and sat on my bed. I said " Harry I know you told me that the guys couldnt date me but I love louis." Chloe replied " I know that too but I and Liam love each other too much." Finally Harry said" If it makes you happy then I will let you date them but I just dont want you too have a broken heart." I and Chloe got up and gave Hazza a huge hug and said " I love you and thank you."

Harry's pov- I was scared that Shel and Chloe went behind my back and dated my band mates. But I was suprised that they asked me that theyasked me if they could date them. Right now I dont want my sisters to get really mad at me for not leting them date the guy(s) they love. At least I know them and they arent guys from school or the side of the road. Then they told me" I love you and Thank you."

Chloe's pov- Wow I can't belive Harry is so understanding when it comes to love. I love him I dont want him to feel bad or any thing that can hurt him after mum left its been difficult. Harry is the best big brother in the world. I saw shel look down at her phone and it looked like there was some thing bad going on. I asked her "whats wrong?" all she did was answer her phone. Shel said " Hello who is this?" they replied " the police, is this Shelby Styles? " she replied "yes" the police told us " your mum died in a car crash." She said " thank-you for telling me." She fell to the ground crying I went to get Harry and tell him the news.

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