life as harrys sisters

harry has two sisters and their mum dies all of a sudden while chloe is on a date with liam payne from one direction.


6. they love them

Louis's POV

I woke up in the hospital bed. I looked around the room, and I didnt see anyone. Just when I laid down, some guy walked in. "Hey Lou how you feeling?" he asked. He looked familiar, he had blonde hair...and an Irish accent. It was Niall. "Im feeling better. Hey can I tell you something Niall?" I asked. "Ya anything." he replied as he took a seat next to the bed. "I really love Shel." I admitted. "I can tell. She also loves you too. She told me last night before she went to sleep. But Haz told us that she is off limits." he replied. "Ya I know. I wish that....wait I have an idea! Can you bring Shel here?" I pleaded. "Ya sure." he replied and stood up. "Please dont bring the rest of the lads here." I said. "I wont." he said with a smile, then walked out.

---5 stupid boring minutes later---

There was a knock at the door, and two people walked in. I smiled. "Hey Shel!" I said with a huge smile on my face. "Hey Lou! I missed you so much!" she said and ran over to me and hugged me. "I will leave you two love birds alone." Niall said with a smile. "Excuse me! Im not the one who killed a fish by trying to feed it Nandos!" I said in deffence. Then he walked out of the room. "Hey I have to tell you something." I said looking at Shel. "Anything" she replied. I took a deep breath "Ireallyreallyloveyou!ItsjustHazsaidthatyouareofflimits" I said really fast. She sighed in relief after a few minutes of silence. I guess she caught on. "I love you too Lou." she said and gave me a hug.

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