life as harrys sisters

harry has two sisters and their mum dies all of a sudden while chloe is on a date with liam payne from one direction.


15. Site seeing

Zayn's pov- So I guess were going site seeing to day its going to be really interesting because Niall may not stay with the group. Shel was about to cry she looked at her phone and saw that some girl she knew in grade school was being a big jerk. She handed her phone to me and it said "hope you love your life, your brother is famous, your mum died, for another thing you cannot sing, along with that your are way to critical." I threw her phone to harry and all of a sudden she starts to cry. Harry runs over to her and pulls her in to a hug.

Harry's pov- I looked over to Shel and all I see is her tearing up. I cant stand it when she is crying. The only other time ive seen her cry was when mum left and died. First its me getting hate and now its her. All I can think of is why is this girl acting like shes popular. I pulled her into a hug and I just let her cry. Its probably her worst enemy but she cant change her self. She is the best little sister anyone could have. That girl who said that is going down down down.

Chloe's pov- why would Shel get hate she isnt a bad friend or sister. The girl said i hope you like that your mum died. Is what she was saying. She said much much more but I cant use that kind of language. I know that girl too she is Shels old old I mean OLD friend. She said shel cant sing. Which she can.

"Harry I know who texted that." I told him.

"Who did it?"

"Angel Shels and I's OLD friend."

"Well she has something wrong with herself shes going to get blocked on FaceBook Twitter and all the other websites."

"Ok." I swear to god Harrys the best big brother in the whole world. She is going to get blocked by all of us.

Louis's pov- My carrot princess shouldn't cry again. She is the best girlfriend in the whole wide world. She doesnt deserve hate either. Instead of site seeing we went out to lunch. Then after lunch we went back to Nialls mums house got packed and went to the airport and went to Italy.
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