life as harrys sisters

harry has two sisters and their mum dies all of a sudden while chloe is on a date with liam payne from one direction.


10. Shel's birthday suprise.

Harry's pov- To day is Shels birthday and the guys and I have the biggest suprise in the world. you wont guess what it is. We are taking her too Ireland, France, Italy, and Canada. plus she is part Italian, French, Irish, and Conadian. She has always wanted to go to these places and she has never been out of England.

"Shel wake up!!!!!" I yelled through her bedroom door.

"I'm awake I have been awake for the last 2hours." she yelled back through the door. Last night she died her blonde streaks to blue and it looks like a Smurf threw up in her hair. I guess her and Louis is dating now but at least I know that he would never break her heart.

"Are you done packing?" I asked her.

" Yeah but where are we going?" she asked.

" I cant tell you at all." I told her.

" you're gonna make me cry". she said with tears forming.

" its where you always wanted to go."I told her.

Shel's pov- To day is my 18th birthday and I have always wanted to go to Ireland Italy canada and france. I honestly never left England. I knew they would take me one day but I never knew that it would be on my 18th birthday. The best present i that i have a boyfriend who is in my big brothers band that is the best band on earth. 


(Authors note) sorry if its too short or dont make sense i have writers block very badly. comment if i did a good job and ideas for next chapter please :)

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