life as harrys sisters

harry has two sisters and their mum dies all of a sudden while chloe is on a date with liam payne from one direction.


16. Plane ride to Italy

Shels pov- We were on the plane to Italy because my seriously old friend shes like 95 years old. Not literally but shes really mean. I was so so mad all I did was cry Louis and Harry pulled me into the biggest hug ever. Then I stopped crying we landed 2 hours later. We stayed in a hotel and we had to share rooms I wasnt mad at all. I had to share a room with Niall, Chloe roomed with Zayn, harry roomed with liam & louie. ~ the next morning~ I woke up and I saw a bunch of food every where. I got to my phone and I had my foot chocolate chip pancakes (ewwwwwwww!) I looked on my phone and saw that I had 12 missed calls and 4 text messages. Calls: 5 missed calls from Chloe. 4 missed calls from louie. 1 missed call from haz. Texts: H: where are you and Niall? H: r u still asleep? H: Im going out for breakfast with clhoe and the others. H: *chloe sorry my auto correct is messed up. "Hey Niall wake up!!" I yelled. "Are you hurt?" "No the others are out to eat." "Niall Im really bored." After I said that I realized that I had syrup on my foot. So I went to take a shower. I had to grab my shampoo conditioner and body wash along with my clothes. My hair was still wet but not as wet. I walked out of the bathroom with a pink tank top and a black skirt that went to my knees. Niall was waiting for me to come out and he looked speechless. He went in to the bathroom and I looked at my phone and called Harry. He answered. "Hey Shel whats up?" "Nothing why I just go out of the shower." "Oh well when we get back to the hotel well go site seeing all day I promise." "Ok see ya later Ill make sure Niall stays out of trouble." "Thanks when we are site seeing well go shopping." "Your the best big brother in the whole wide world." "I know were on our way right now." The I hung up on him. Then Louie texted me. "Hey babe xx Carrot prince." "Hey babe xx Carrot Princess" "Whats up." "Nothing just woke up and took a shower cause Niall left chocolate chip pancakes with syrup on them and I stepped in them and know hes eating them." "OMG he does eat any thing edible.

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