life as harrys sisters

harry has two sisters and their mum dies all of a sudden while chloe is on a date with liam payne from one direction.


2. Mum is moving.....

Shels pov- I was in my room minding my own business until I saw a huge spider crawl against the floor. In my case my first instinct is to panic but I didnt well not this time. As I was reading Shiver I got to cahpter 25 and it had my name in the awesome book. After I was reading the book I decided to talk to my sister. Before we got in to my room mum yelled up the stairs " Shel, Chloe, and Harry please come down stairs." I had a what have we done now look on my face. Mum said "I have big news I am moving in with Robin". I was thinking in my head why is she moving? We were so exicited that she was moving in with her true love. On the other hand we were always used to having mum around. Plus under any circumstances I was not allowed too use the microwave, stove, or oven.

Chloes pov- I really needed to talk to Shel but all of a sudden mum yelled up the stairs, we all went down stairs and mum said "Im moving in with Robin." We all said in unision " Congratulations mum we are so happy for you." Mum was moving out tonight and we were bummed 'cause when she is out on business trips or any other things she never calls us.

Harry's pov- Why did mum just tell us to day that she was moving out. She had everything packed in boxes and we never relized that they were packed. I love mum and the girls but she helped me to be the perfect gentlemen. Well Chloe and Shel would help me alot more.

Anne's pov- I just cant belive that I waited all this time too tell my kids that I was moving out. I belive that the kids are old enough to take care of themselves but they may be really mad at me. It was 3:00pm and the moving truck was here Harry and the girls were waving as I left.

Shels pov- As mum was leaving I started to cry and Harry pulled me into a hug and said " we all have each other." Chloe ran up to her room. Harry and I were down stairs watching Finding gnomeo. In the middle of the movie he looked like he was about to cry. then I told him " this is a funny movie not a sad movie", then he looks at me and gives me a smile through his tears. When Harry starts to cry I start to cry. Harry was looking over to me a at the random time he said " remember the time you almost burnt the house down", I replied "yes, its not my fault that i forgot to put water in the macroni & cheese bowl." We both started to laugh. Then Chloe comes running down stairs because she heard us laughing. She asked "whats so funny?" I replied " remember the time I almost burnt the house down."

Chloes pov- After mum had left I ran as fast as i possibly could to my room. I was crying for about 2hrs. until I heard people laughing. I ran down stairs and find Shel and Harry laughing. I asked "What are you laughing about?" Shel replied " about the time I almost burnt the house down."

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