life as harrys sisters

harry has two sisters and their mum dies all of a sudden while chloe is on a date with liam payne from one direction.


1. intro to characters

Shel's pov- Hi my name is shelby but everyone calls me Shel. I am 5'6", I have long dark brown hair, and brown eyes. I live in cheshire london, with my brother, sister,and mum. My brother's name is Harry Styles and yes he is in the band one direction. Chloe and I are about the same age but we look nothing alike. Our mums name is Anne and she feels bad that harry is the only boy in the house.

Chloe's pov- Hi my name is chloe i am 5'4" I have long curly blonde hair and brown eyes. I am very proud of my big bro' for making it to the billboards. All I have to say is he taut me to never give up and keep trying. Even though he is the best big bro' in the world he is overly protective around me, shel, and mum. He hasnt found out that im mad in love with liam payne.

Harry's pov- Hi you must already know who I am. I have curly brown hair and emerald eyes, i am 5'10". Yes I am overly protective of my sisters and mum. If I ever see any one of them cry I know some thing has gone wrong. When Shel crys i know that some thing is really super bad.

Anne's pov- Hi im anne i have 3 wonderful kids. I couldnt ask for any thing else in the world. im 5'1.5" i have long dark brown hair and ocean blue eyes. i was married to their dad for 5 years then we got a divorce then i met this really nice guy. His name is robin the kids really love him they always ask for him to come over. But in my case my family doesnt know that I am moving in with Robin.

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