life as harrys sisters

harry has two sisters and their mum dies all of a sudden while chloe is on a date with liam payne from one direction.


8. how could this happen??

Harry's pov- All I know is that Shel was on the phone with the police. Then I hear Chloe running and all she said was " Mum died in a car accident". Then I pulled her in to a big hug and i said " its alright were still a family and we will always be a family." She said " shel is on the floor in the living room crying." I went to see Shel and all I know is she is sobbing in to her hands. She got up and I pulled her into a hug she was still crying in to my chest. When she crys I start to tear up it was really hard for Chloe, Shel, and I. We all decided to watch our favorite movies. I picked Toy Story, Chloe picked Finding Gnomeo, Shel picked Brave. Shel and Louis sat next me, Chloe and liam sat next to Niall, and Zayn. Chloe made popcorn, Shel got the drinks.

Louis's pov- I was in my room when I heard Shel crying. Why was she crying? I was thinking. Shel shouldnt be crying I havent done any thing too her. I went down stair too see Shel and Harry hugging. I asked Chloe " whats wrong with Shel and Harry?" she replied " our mum died in a car accident." I told them " im sorry". Then Shel gave me a huge hug then we decided to watch funny movies to get their minds off of the news.

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