life as harrys sisters

harry has two sisters and their mum dies all of a sudden while chloe is on a date with liam payne from one direction.


5. dude she said no

Louis's POV

I heard Shel scream. I ran up to the door and their was a guy standing there. "Who are you?" I asked. "Im Jacob...shel should remember me." he replied. "I should, but I choose not to. What are you doing here?" Shel asked. "Im here to get you back..." he said and tried to pull her to him. I pulled her back with me. "No. Im not going back with you." she said. "Uh ya you are." he said to her. I pulled her behind me. "Dude she said no!" I shouted to him. Just then he pulled something out of his pocket, a knife! "I suggest you let me have her, before things get ugly." he said smiling. "No. Im not letting you touch her. Things already got ugly soon as we saw your face." I said chuckling at my comment. I pulled out a knife too.

Just then Harry walked over to me. "Whats.......he doing here?!" he practically yelled. "Showing off his ugly face?" I suggested, but then I felt a sharp pain in my arm. "I got this Hazzzzz....just go take care of the girls." I said. He did as I told. When he walked off, thats when things got uglier than before. Then this Jacob guy passed out, because of blood loss. I thought it was time to finish him. I did and stabbed his neck, and let him bleed out.

Liam came rushing downstairs. "Hey Shel wants to see you." he said. "Ok..." I said, but everything went black.


Liam's POV

Shel would not speak until she knew that Lou was alright. I rushed downstairs and found alot of blood and a dead man. "Shel wants to see you." I said. Im glad he didnt die. "Ok..." he said, but fell to the ground.

I called Niall, Harry, and Chloe to come down and help me get Lou to the hospital, while I had Zayn stay with Shel.

If I were to be honest, I thoughts Chloe was hot. But Harry said that she was off limits. We arrived at the hospital, and they took Lou in the back room.



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