If Loving You Is Wrong

Carrie was born in London but moved to USA when she was 7. She seems to have a pretty good life with her mom, her best friend Em, and her boyfriend John. But one day something happens that changes everything. William, her childhood love from London has moved to the USA to look for her but he realizes she has moved on past him. Will Carrie remember William?


3. Jealous


During the next few days, I started getting along better with William. Sometimes he would sit with me at lunch, and sometimes we would make our homework together. I did show him the school and we also walked home together, as we lived really close to each other. He was a really nice guy, just as I remember him. He would always help if someone was in trouble, always with a smile on his face. And his smile was so perfect, but not as perfect as his eyes. They seem to become more and more beautiful each day. And no, I want to make clear that I do NOT like William. But he’s just full of life. He lights up every room he’s in.  “Hey, I heard William still loves you” said Em giggling. “What? No, don’t be silly” I replied and looked at my feet. “Changing subject, guess who invited me to the ball tomorrow” said Em pretty excited. “Oh my God, it’s Kevin right!?” I said shouting. “Yeeeeeeeesss!!!!!! I’m SO excited!!!” Em said hugging me with a huge smile on her face.     That day I walked home with William. “Hey, so are you going to the ball tomorrow?” I asked. “I wasn’t planning to at first, but then I got a date so yeah, I’m going” he said smiling. The moment he said this, I got REALLY jealous. I was absolutely sure that I didn’t have any feelings for him anymore, I mean, I couldn’t. I was just a little kid when I had a crush on him. And, I had a boyfriend, and that would be like cheating. Not physically but mentally, if that even exists. “Really? That’s great. Who’s the lucky girl?” I asked faking a smile. “Dabria Ferguson” he said “she’s a really nice girl, and I felt really sorry for her because she didn’t have a date.” So Dabria Ferguson huh? She was indeed a really sweet girl, but she wasn’t exactly pretty. People mock on her because she is redheaded and wears glasses, so I think it is really nice of William to take her, even though I wasn’t exactly happy about it. “So, here’s my house…um, bye” I said as I walked through the front door.    I ran upstairs to my bedroom and entered the shower as fast as I could. I just needed to think about what had happened a few minutes ago. Was I jealous? Well, clearly I was, of Dabria, but why? Was I expecting him to ask ME to the ball? I mean, I couldn’t go with him anyways, as I was going with my boyfriend John. And may not like William, but I wanted him to like me, I just can’t get why.   The next day, William spent the whole day with Dabria, and it was getting on my nerves. They even sat together at lunch. “What’s wrong baby?” John asked me “You haven’t even touched your food.” “It’s nothing, I’m just nervous for tonight” I answered not sounding really convincing. “You sure?” Said John giving me a hug. “Well, I would be better if you kissed me” I said with a flirty tone and pressed my lips against his. “You know that we can go after lunch because it’s not necessary for us to stay unless you help with the preparations for the ball, which none of us do, so how about my place?” John asked me grabbing my waist “if you know what I mean.” “It’s a date then” I said blushing.   After lunch we went to John’s house. His parents weren’t at home so it was only the two of us. We went up to his room and as soon as he closed the door he pushed me against the wall and hugged me really tight. Our chests were against each other, and I could hear his heartbeat racing. He started slowly kissing my neck, slowly going up to my lips. He gave me a passionate kiss, and my breath was getting faster and irregular. I really liked being with John. He was really sweet, and he knew how to treat me. He made me feel so good. He started lowering his hands, and suddenly my phone, that was in my back pocket vibrated. “Oh what did you do?” I asked laughing. “Nothing” he said while grabbing my phone “you got a text from William.” “Oh. What does it say?” I asked curious about why he would text me. “You didn’t walk home with me today, and he put a sad face” he said reading the text “Hey, you hung out with him a lot lately, I don’t think you should, I mean, I heard he likes you and I don’t want to lose you” “Oh, so now you have to decide who can be my friend and who can’t?” I said pushing him away “you are hanging out a lot with Tanya, but I don’t say anything” “Yeah, but Tanya doesn’t like me that way” he said. I couldn’t believe he was defending HER. “Oh, come on. She’s a slut. She likes everyone that way” I said defensively. Tears were coming out from my eyes, and doesn’t matter how hard I tried to force them to stop, they wouldn’t. “No baby, don’t cry” John said trying to hug me, but I just pushed him away again and run out of the house.   
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