If Loving You Is Wrong

Carrie was born in London but moved to USA when she was 7. She seems to have a pretty good life with her mom, her best friend Em, and her boyfriend John. But one day something happens that changes everything. William, her childhood love from London has moved to the USA to look for her but he realizes she has moved on past him. Will Carrie remember William?



Hey guys...so umm, I don't think I'm gonna write this anymore. It isn't going very well so it makes no sense to continue writing it. Thanks to all the views, favourites, likes and comments, it means a lot. But I can see that people are not liking it as I hoped they would. Sorry. :(

Please check out my other novel, it's a fan fiction and it's called Save You Tonight. :)

I'm also writing another fan fiction called I Will Always Love you 

Once again thank you very much and sorry. 

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