That One Thing

This about a girl who moved to London and had a one in a million chance with Harry Styles from 1D and she got it.


7. The concert part 1

Beep...Beep... My alarm went off at 5:00 in the morning. As I looked at the time I shot out of bed squealing and ran to the bathroom to freshen up. My hair was curly when I woke so I curled it more and put in a pony tail over my shoulder then did my make up. When I got out my bathroom I could hear my mom come out of her room.*Knock Knock* "Hey are you almost ready," she asked almost sounding excited as I was."Yeah I be out in a sec". I run in my closet to find a cute outfit."Hmm", I said to myself as I ran the tip of my fingers through the clothes hanging up."Here it is!" I kinda said to loud even though no one was there. It was a aqua blue tank top with a grey sweater and a black skirt with black shoes. After I put it on I got my little money bag which has my phone, gum, and the concert tickets in it and went out my room. I went down stairs and got a bagel and a apple to eat. My mom was already in the car waiting for me(we bought a car while unpacking yesterday). As I got in the car and closed the door I screamed because this was my first 1D concert.''I know I am excited too'', my mom said as we drove up the street. I looked at her funny and wonderd if she was happy to see 1D perform.''No I'm not excited for 1D. I am going to drop you off there and go around the city and check some places out''.''Ok mom whatever makes you happy'', I said while rolling my eyes. I noticed that we only lived 5 min. away from the concert as we drove in the parking lot. After I finished my food in the car I chewed some gum so my breth doesnt smell bad.''I'll call you when its over'', I said as I blew her a kissed. She blew me a kiss a drove away. I was tinglig inside as I walked inside. There was a sign pointing to line of girls. I waited about 1 or 2 hours intill I got inside. Some girls talked to me and we became frinds. There names were Ashley, Emily, and Lily.''Finally'', I said as we got to the door to the concert.''Do you want to stand with us? We have front row seats'',asked Emily shly.''Sure. I have front row seat too'', I said while giving some lady my ticket and she put a blue band around my wrist.

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