That One Thing

This about a girl who moved to London and had a one in a million chance with Harry Styles from 1D and she got it.


4. Nandos (short chapter)

After everyone was finished looking through the house and taking their suitcases to their rooms and changing out of their sweaty clothes, my dad told us to go to front door. I was the last one there."Is everyone done here." he said with a smirk on his face. We all said yes."Ok than let's go to Nandos, by the time we get back the moving truck would be here so we can unpack. It was still early in th morning 8:23. We had to walk up the street to the taxi stop cause we didn't have a car yet. When we got there we had the best time of our lives at Nandos. They have the best food in the world there. But we had to leave alittle early so we could start to unload the moving truck.

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