That One Thing

This about a girl who moved to London and had a one in a million chance with Harry Styles from 1D and she got it.


6. I promise

The whole time we ate a Nandos I was think of Niall from 1D. After we ate we got a taxi and when we got home the moving truck just got there. We spent the rest of the day bringing in furnature,toys,clothes,paint, and other house things. The house was finished. Everyone was so tired from unpacking they went to the pool. I had to go to bed earlier because I was going to a 1D concert in the morning. I took a shower and went to bed but did twitter with Andrew (boyfriend).

Camille: I miss you so much.

Andrew: I miss you to. What did you do today

Camille: We just finished unpacking but they went to the pool but I have to go to bed earlier cause I am going to a 1D concert tomorrow.

Andrew: Ok have fun but not to much fun.

Camille: Why you say that?

Andrew: Cause you are the most beautiful girl in the world and there will be some guys there and I dont want you to leave me. Promis you won't leave me.

Camille: I promis I won't leave you. I love you good night.

Andrew: I love you to. I will see you next week.
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