That One Thing

This about a girl who moved to London and had a one in a million chance with Harry Styles from 1D and she got it.


10. Do you want to come?

Harry P.O.V

Camille was leaving and I didn't want to risk not seeing her again so I got up and ran and grabbed her wrist before she could walk out the door. I didn't want to hurt her so I losend my grip and spun her around."Hey Camille I was wondering if you wanted to come to our flat with us?" I said and I saw her face was frozen. I bet you she was fan girling inside.

Camille P.O.V

When Harry asked me if wanted to go to their flat I was about to pass out. That and the point that he touched me. "Sure I would love to come over." Was all I could manage to say buy inside I was like OH MY GOSH HARRY STYLES JUST ASKED ME TO COME OVER!!!. I quickly pulled out my phone and called my mum.
"Hey mum umm Harry Styles just asked me if I could go over to their flat with them."

"Sure honey. Just call me when you are ready to leave."


"Yeh yeh. Good bye."

"Bye mum"

I got off the phone and smilled at him. We walked over to the rest of the boys while Harry was now holding my hand.
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