That One Thing

This about a girl who moved to London and had a one in a million chance with Harry Styles from 1D and she got it.


2. At the airport

Camille's P.O.V.

@Camille_is_awesome: Yahh just landed in London and soooo excited :)

We waited at the airport for like 45 min. just for a taxi cab but it was worth the wait because One Direction just entered the airport and screaming fans were everywhere. It was weird in a good way because Harry Styles looked me straight in the eyes and smilled and winked then turned to Zayn and pointed to me. I could see him mouth the word "She's the one." After that I almost died inside. All I could do was smile and wave back.

Later the taxi came and we pilled all of our clothes that we could fit in the suit cases in the back. The taxi was small and we could barely fit everyone in there. My dad sat in the front next to the driver, my mom sat in the back with Max on her lap, and Noah sat in the middle of me and my mom. It was a 20 min drive to get to our new house. "Our furnature and other stuff from our old house are being shipped over and wouldn't be at the house for another 2 hours," my dad said while turning around in the seat to say something else. "When we get to the house and unload the suitcases where do you want to go?" he said and gave my mom a map. It had a red circle around where we lived."How about we go to Nandos to get something to eat cause I am H.U.N.G.U.R.Y," my mom protested and we all giggled softly.

The whole ride to the house was interesting cause we saw the most beautiful things ever. After a while I started to doze of thinking about what happened at the airport with Harry. My mom already told me that I was going to most of their concerts in London so mabey he would remember me. A few min. went by and there was our house the most prettiest house ever. "OH MY GOSH!" my jaw dropped as I saw it.

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