All That Has Happend

Based on 9/11

soo check it? I've worked so hard on it and I've actually let some of my classmates read and they all thought that it was pretty geart... and really I'm not just saying thats to be conceited, really I AM NOT that kind of person, I just really want this story so go beyond what I expect of it. As much as evryone esle who wants their story pubished, I'm one of those people and If you support me I'm more that glad to suport you as well. :D Constructive Critisism Allowed and If There is any errors please correct me, I want this to be the best of all my works :D


1. Flashback (Part 1)

"Hey mom!" I said "Hey Julia, you hangry?" "Sh-yea!I missed breakfast today so I'm starving!" We made our way down to the cafeteria in the World Trade Center in New York, where my mom worked. Though I really don't know what she works as.... As made my peanut butter and jelly sandwhich my mom asked, "You excited for school?" I took a bite of my sandwhich,"Yea I guess but I'm also sad that I have to friends for a school as foreign as India and China.." I took another bite, "Oh honey please, your friends are posers..." I frowned at her, but didn't deny. She was right, I'm a follower. No doubt about it. I just can't seem to find who I really am through all of this insecurity and scars from the past... I pushed the horrific thoght out of my head and focused on another subject. "So.. How's it going with you and Jack?" I finished my sandwhich and threw the napkin away. "Actually, great! He's going to go to that  fancy restaurant, you know the french one?"  "Ohhh right.. you know who works there? Mr Davis, you know the man across the street? The one who gardens a lot and yells at kids for stepping on his grass..."  It took awhile for her to figure out who I was talking about " Oh right, maybe I can get a discount!"


(update soon in a week, I gots a lot of homework to catch up... nd i have a lot of high school opn houses to got to but for now any comments, concerns errr questions? Critism? all allowed :D Thanks!!)

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