My heart went two directions

6 friends 1 girl 2 love-sick boys and a whole lot of dramma when aria meets famous band 1 direction she never thought they'd get this close or that she'd be considerd there best friend it all started out tres great then Niall and hazza fall 4 the same girl who will this star horse back rider/genius/boy magnet choose how will she choose will she choose?..... (there will be a sequel :))


30. White horse

Aria's P.O.V All eyes were on Niall as his hovered over the strings "what do you want me to play?" he asked the group "call me maybe!" Louis shouted, oh my god Lou was so weird. Every one laughed "Lou's pick" niall laughed out, his fingers glided over the strings, "I threw a wish in a well dont ask me I'll never tell" the boys started to sing, I giggled at the song they were singing. "come on Ari!" Harry nudged me, I nodded no. "yes come on" he smiled, "sing with us!" the other boys joined in pleading, "fine" I rolle my eyes, "I looked to you as it fell and I don't know this song" I sang stupidly with them. Soon the song ended and it was my turn, Niall lifted the gutiar over his head and over mine, "oh crap I thought you'd forget about that" my cheeks burned, "nope it's the highlight of my night" he smiled placing his SnapBack on my head it slumped over my eyes to big, he smiled. "play white horse by Taylor swift so you can get some solo action" he winked, "solo? Erm...not really my thing", he pushed his hat bck on my head so I could see him, "your wearing my lucky SnapBack, anythings possible" he looked into my eyes smiling. "o-ok" I glanced at the other boys Harry nodded yes and smiled, I couldn't help but want to ruffle that curly hair. I took a deep breath and started to play. No ones P.O.V Aria was an amazing player her voice was like a mixture of Taylor swift & Cher Lloyd. She looked perfect with my hat and gutiar she fit into our group like a puzzle piece (Niall thought) aria, aria she was an amazing singer, dancer and musican the only thing that wasn't amazing about her is her insecuritys. I traced a finger over her arm she smiled (harry thought) I honestly didt think she would be that good (Louis thought) Aria's P.O.V My palms sweated and I was extreamly nervous but as soon as I made contact with the strings the nerves melted away. I breezed threw the song and finally finished, "that was awesome" liam smiled, "your really good" Harry stroked my hand, "thanks" I smiled, "you didt tell me you sang to" Niall said as I slide off his lap and put the gutiar away "I don't I barely ever sing" I truthfully replied, "well you should your really good" he took the case from me, "thanks" I smiled. "I'm I the only one tired?" zayn stood and stretched, "I'm too" Harry stood "same" I said as Harry helped me up, "so tired" Niall stood, "we haven't even played truth or dare yet!" Louis whined, "come on just a little longer" Liam weakly smiled, I plopped back down "ok i'll stay" Niall and Harry plopped back down to. Zayn slowly sat "I'm only staying cause you guys are you" he rubbed his eyes, "Liam truth or dare?" Lou asked, "dare" he replied, "erm...go run in threw the water and roll in the sand then come back" Lou smiled evilly, Liam bolted off and came back sandy,wet, and smiling. "nice" I snickered, "aria truth or dare?" Liam asked rubbing his hands together, "dare" , Liam smiled and stared at me then turned his head to Niall then to Harry, "kiss one of them", my eyes popped "what", "kiss,Niall,or, Harry" Louis answared for Liam. I looked at Niall then Harry, "Niall" I said I scootched closer and turned towards him I leaned in to kiss his lips but chickened out and kissed his nose, "what was that?" Liam asked. "I kissed him" I answared, "that wasnt lips on lips", "I can't kiss someone in front of you guys for the first time" I replied, "your so old school" Harry answared, "better known as modest" I corrected, "whatever you want love, but why didt you pick me?" he pouted, "oh god Harry your such a baby" I leaned over and kissed his forhead "feel better?", "yeah" he smiled, "zayn truth or dare?" I asked, "dare" he answared, "give me all your hair products except a brush for a week" I evilly smiled, "fine starting tomorrow", "Harry truth or dare" zayn asked, "truth" , "if you could kiss anyone in the world who would it be?" , "he looks like a tomato" I whispered to Niall, he pulled my into his lap, Niall Niall Niall, "he always does that when people ask him about girls" he whispered back. I smiled pulling his hat off and placed it in my lap, "aria" Harry smiled looking in my direction, my mouth dropped a fraction "Harry" I was a little shocked, Niall tensed. "I said if I could kiss anyone it would be you" he seemed so loose saying it. I starred at him for a second, he rubbed my upper arm and put his hand on mine. "so Niall truth or dare?" Harry asked, "truth", "do you have a secret crush?", "yeah" Niall leaned over and kissed my ear, "it's you" he whispered barely auditable that I dont even know if thats what he even said, I turned my head and saw little blushy Niall, I blushed a little to. "Louis,truth or dare?" Niall said, "dare", "I dare you to let us go to bed now", I stood and streached along with everyone else, Harry grabbed my waist from behind than kissed my cheek and neck, my heart jumped "um...hi". He let go and reached for my hand, Niall walked over to me and whispered "he gets a little weird when he's tired", I nodded and hooked arms with him. We had to share a tent since there's only three. "night" I said to the rest of the boys. We walked to our tent I slid in, Harry squeezed my bum on the way in I was compleatly out of words "Harry why did you do that!" I stopped mid-step, "no Harry uncalled f or" Niall said as i pulled Niall close "it's just so cute love" harry reached for my wiast, I swerved behind Niall "he's scaring me, I don't want to sleep next to him tonight" I whispered to him, "I understand I'm sorry about him it's almost like he gets drunk when he's tired he dosent know what he's doing he'll regreat doing that tomorrow" niall pulled me into a comforting hug "thanks" I moved over to the edge to give him some room, I almost instantaneously fell asleep when I hit the ground, I was so tired.

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