My heart went two directions

6 friends 1 girl 2 love-sick boys and a whole lot of dramma when aria meets famous band 1 direction she never thought they'd get this close or that she'd be considerd there best friend it all started out tres great then Niall and hazza fall 4 the same girl who will this star horse back rider/genius/boy magnet choose how will she choose will she choose?..... (there will be a sequel :))


27. Webhorsty

Aria's P.O.V
"your coming!?" Niall jumped up, "yeah!" I chimed, "were going to have the best camp out ever" Niall screamed,"god Niall! Your such a spaz sometimes" zayn yelled back, I rolled my eyes "so when do we go to the beach?" I turned to ask Louis, "at around seven so it's dark" he ansawred. Niall spun me around so I faced him he glowed with excitement "three hours to go" he said, "what do we do untill then" I asked equally as excited, "we should do a livestream" Harry said catching my attention, "we should all three do one" I smiled glancing between them, "let's get started" Niall beamed. At that we all raced up stairs to Harry's room. Niall reached for my broken hand, "ok sit down and we can start" Harry pulled me down on the bed next to him. "is it working?" Niall asked poking the camera,"yeah hello world!" Harry waved, "hi people" I said, "sorry I poked you guys!" niall smiled. "We should make a besties club" I crossed my eyes, pulling them into a hug. "we can call it webhorsty" Niall laughed, "I can see it now, webhorsty" Harry stared off, "that's our thing, webhorsty" I smiled. "We can make t-shirts if one of us gets lost then people will know who to return us to" Niall joked. We all laughed, "so how are you guys doing" Harry asked the screen. Niall scooted closer to me and so did Harry, "do you guys have any questions?" I asked the camera, seconds later tons of question icons popped up, "Hollie gestures wants to know what your hair smells like Harry" Niall directed towards Harry, he looked flustered I pulled his head down and took a deep wiff it smelt amazing, "sweet peppermint and oranges" I told the camera, "yummy" I smiled smelling it agian. He leaned over and smelt my hair "strawberries and cake" he told the screen, I leaned over and smelt nialls hair, "bananas and sugar" I smiled smelling it again, he smelt my hair "your hair smells like heaven" he smiled, "thanks" I one armed hugged him. "next question is from Layla she wants to know if the world was on fire and you could save ten people who would we save," harry read, "i would save my brother and my dad You two and the rest of the boys, my grandma and Phil" I said, "I feel so loved!" Niall gave me a Niall worthy hug and kissed my cheek sending shocks threw my body, I smiled. Harry pet the front of my face "and webhorsty lives on" he hugged me tight. "the next question is from izzy she wants us to pretend to be zebras..." I laughed, "well..." Harry said dropping onto all fours and started crawling around, i laughed it his zebra attempt, Niall dropped down doing the same, I almost fell over I was laughing so hard they looked like confused hamsters, "come join our zebraness" Niall pushed his head into my leg, "I-cant-my-leg" I managed threw laughs. After about 3 mineuts of that they came back to sit next to me, "thank you for the wonderful diminstation" I said, "your very welcome" Niall smiled. "the next question is from Kayla miser she wants to know who the first person we....." Harry stopped, "spit it out" niall encouraged,"-did stuff with" he finished, "what kind of stuff?" I asked, "it starts with a s ends in a x" he hinted, "oh..." god this was awkward, "Niall" I said,"virgin" he finished,"same" I said,"me to" Harry softly said. "hey we got stuff in common" I laughed, Niall put his hand on mine, I flipped my hand so it would touch my palm, "next question from Whitney, how long is Harry's wee" Niall burst out laughing falling backwards, "sexual directioners" I giggled, Harry's face went red as he smiled. "it's about one of these" I took off my shoe and showed the screen, "how do you know?!" Harry laughed, "I don't know maybe that boner you got at ultimate dance!" I teased, we all laughed histaricaly "glad to know you would've looked if I had one" he winked and giggled, "ok maybe you didt get a boner that big.... Or at all" I truthfully admitted. Niall sat up "geez we got weird fans" he recovered from laughing, "next, Julia asked if we could scoot over do she can see Niall better" I read, "sure!" i scooted closer to Harry who pulled me onto his lap, "your warm" I told him as he joined his hands in the front of us. Niall scooched over close "I can finally see the top of your head!" I scratched hair making it messy. He smiled and pushed me back playfully, "I cant read the screen!" Harry yelled, "I'll move" I started to get up but Harry tighten his arm, hugging me to his chest "noooo! Your warm" he cried. "but you can't see" I protested, he put his head over my shoulder I can now" he smiled. " The next question is from Lori she wants to know out of our friends who we would date." Niall read, "I would date aria because shes my bestie" Harry snuggled his head into my shoulder, "I can't tell you who I'd date cause I have a giant crush on her" Niall said, "Niall! Come on! Tell us it's not like she's here" I coned, he looked up into my eyes "she might be..." he said softly. I gave him an 'that's adorable' smile, Harry squeezed my belly turning my attention back to him, "you remind me of a cat sometimes" I told him, "meow" he rest his head over my shoulder. "ten mineuts from leaving!!" Louis called up to us, "we better go" I looked between Harry and Niall. "this is goodbye from webhorsty!" harry and Niall called "bye bye" .
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