My heart went two directions

6 friends 1 girl 2 love-sick boys and a whole lot of dramma when aria meets famous band 1 direction she never thought they'd get this close or that she'd be considerd there best friend it all started out tres great then Niall and hazza fall 4 the same girl who will this star horse back rider/genius/boy magnet choose how will she choose will she choose?..... (there will be a sequel :))


25. Toby

Aria's P.O.V
I lead him inside with our pinky interlocked "hey Toby" I said to the tall sandy haired guy that was my dance partner, he smiled "see you in a after your classes". "Classes?" harry asked,"yeah I have to teach two classes then the fun stuff comes," I smiled "you get to see us practice for comp" he swung our hands smiling. I went into the studio and gestured Harry to wait, "hey guys" I smiled standing close to the door so Harry still had my pinky, "hi" they all replied,"we have a visitor" I pulled Harry into the class. They all screamed and ran over to him and embraced him "it's Harry styles!" Harry's happiness declined a little hearing his name, I sent him a conserned look, he nodded "it's fine" he said hugging brie and Megan, I smiled "girls just because he's here dosent mean we don't have class" they all moaned and walked back to the middle of the floor, "stretches, split" I called to my five person class. Harry walked behind me and pulled my bun down. "hey!" I quickly pulled it back up and playfully slapped his face. "oooo aris got a boyfriend" Sara a blonde girl tawnted, "he's not my boyfriend" I ansawed pushing him into the chair.

Harry's P.O.V
My heart sunk a little facing the truth I obidieantly sat and watch her walk to the front of the class. "backbends" she called and flipped into a backbend, how did she do that!? Just go from standing to backbend. I watched her go threw drills then turn on the music, "now junior stars is in three weeks so we need hard practice, Sara and chase I want you to stay more consistent, and rially work on that roll flip" she iched her head, "can I see your whole dance then segments" she called encouraging.
Soon the first class was over then the second and it was time for her class.
"ok good work guys see you on thursday!" she called as they walked out the door. I walked up and squeezed her sides,"hey" she laughed, "so where do I go now?" I asked linking arms with her, "I have to change you can stay here till I'm done" she smiled and headed for the bathroom, seconds later she came out in black spandex and a midriff tanktop that made her look extremely sexy, she fumbled with in trying to pull it down "I hate our warmup outfits there to revealing" she said linking pinkys with me leading me out of the room "it brings out your tan" I swung our hands, she lead me into a studio where three other people where. "thanks" she smiled and pointed to the chair in the corner. The two guys wore Baggie shorts and a mucial shirt. A tall women walked into the room "I hope you guys warmed up cause we need a lot of practice before all stars in a week" she clapped her hands "please start at the twist chest" the teacher instructed, she turned on the music to the song we're gonna die young the song blared, I watched aria, she was an amazing dancer... Suddenly a tall kid with sandy colored hair grabbed her hips and pulled her so they touched, I tensed a little. She swung her hips as she lowered to the floor, the guy grabbed both of her hands and pulled her up, was it bad to be jealous of someone I didt know? "no no no" the teacher shouted, stopping the music "aria you have to make it look real, really deepen your self so you look like you really want to..." she nodded and they restarted, I was so jealous right now, they finally finished practice. "have a nice rest of your day and try on the costumes before you leave" the teacher pointed to a closet. "good job bye bye now". I walked to aria with a giant smile "good job" I hugged her, it felt a little better to hug her. "thanks" she hugged me back tightly "I want you to meet someone she smiled, "toby" she called the sandy haired guy walked over, "this is Harry" she poked my stomach and I smiled, "this is Toby" she gustured to him, "nice to meet you" I said in fake friendliness, "I'm going to go check my costume be right back" she brushed the top of my arm "so Harry..." Toby stared at me, "what?" I asked, he just stared hatefully at me "did I do something wrong?" I scoffed, "no not yet but just saying arias last boyfriend did he messed up big time but that's not my story to tell. What I'm getting at is Aria likes me and your not going to get in the way of that so, leave off" he turned and walked away like he was something special. Now I absolutely hated this kid there was no way aria liked him out of all people. Aria walked out in a black midriff top a black hoodie with the arms ripped at the elbow and a tiny mini skirt with lacy leggings. "wow" was all I could manage, "I know I hate this I look like a slutty, whore" she glanced at her shoes, "no you don't you look like someone that just came from a party" I assured, hugging her "thanks" she muffled into my shir, "all I did was state the facts" I whispered. "I'm gonna get changed", she said moving back. Seconds later she popped out in her back pants ,ankle uggs and blue sweater. I grabbed her hand and we walked to the car leaving, bitchy Toby behind...
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