My heart went two directions

6 friends 1 girl 2 love-sick boys and a whole lot of dramma when aria meets famous band 1 direction she never thought they'd get this close or that she'd be considerd there best friend it all started out tres great then Niall and hazza fall 4 the same girl who will this star horse back rider/genius/boy magnet choose how will she choose will she choose?..... (there will be a sequel :))


16. The fair

Aria's P.O.V
We walked out to the car Harry looked so irritated "are you ok?" I asked, "yeah just mad at that girl" he said to the ground. "it's fine I get that look a lot it really doesn't hurt", "yes you do and it hurts me to see you like that I really really care about you". He said softly, then he mumbled something I could only catch parts of it sounded like "I think----I might--lo-you" but I'm not sure I cluched his hand "so where are we going?" I asked, he smiled "the fair" I felt a ton lighter when he smiled. We jumped in the car and drives off leaving the two sided mean girl in the dust.
When we got there the first thing I saw was a humongo roller-coaster that made my heart skip a beat. "oh god" I whispered,"we're going on that" he pointed, my eyes got the size of apples "your crazy if you think you can get me on that,better not if you think we'll still be living if we go on that!","oh your going to just wait" he raised his eyebrows at me. We entered I lowered my head as the afternoon chill whipped around us. "Here" he handed his hoodie to me "Harry,no i can't what about you!",he wrapped his arm around me "I won't get cold if your close enough" he suddenly grabbed me hug like and 'shivered' "this close works" he said as he pressed against me. I looked up and saw his sly smile as he snickered. I rolled my eyes "I saw that!", I ignored his adorable-ness "what do you want to do first?" I asked,"let's do the um fire ball!" he exclaimed pointing to a tall swinging thing. "Oh god" I said as he raced for the line pulling me along, "ahm I told you about my fear of heights right?","no, but there's nothing fun here that's not high up" he whined. I glanced at the fire ball and leaned a bit into Harry. It did't look to tall "I can try" I quivered."thank you for not being boring!" he said, I rolled my eyes. I felt the nerves tense in side me as
We inched forward in the line soon we were on the ride. "Don't die" Harry said with a wink was he trying to make me nervous! I boarded and the mechanical arm inclined not so bad I thought. Then suddenly there was a whoosh and we plummet to the ground we were falling. Down down my heat sopped I squeezed my eyes shut it wasn't slowing, did it break what was going on! I felt myself get dizzy this is what it felt like dieing I guess. Inches from the ground we slammed to a stop. I did it I thought. Harry had to drag me off the ride because I was to stunned to relized it had stopped. I stood useing Harry for balance and we walked to the exit. "I have to sit down" my voice wobbled. And we sat on a nearby bench "how'd did you like it?" he asked, "are you kidding I thought we were going to die then I got really dizzy and..." I let my head hit my knees realizing it felt frozen. "No more scary rides","sorry I scared you but your still going on the coaster wether you like it or not". "thanks for the consideration" I said worriedly, I put my head on his sholder and touched his hair. "did it scare you that much?" he asked,"yes remind me never to go to theam parks or fairs with you", he pouted I just wrapped one of his curls around my finger "so curly". "what do you want to do next?"..... I let go of his curl and his hand and scooched away from him and slung my sandy with sunned highlights long wavy hair go flying as I threw my head back "sleep I have a intense headache now", Harry scooped me up like a baby and started walking forward "Harry!" I shouted though my laughter. "where are we going!" I asked, "to go do something miss boring" he said looking down at me. I suddenly had a flashback of when Niall picked me up and threes me in the pool. "Harry my head hurts" I said trying to sound pitiful, "we can go on something really slow and calm k?" he asked, "arg fine but it has to be really calm","ferries wheel?" he sugested "sounds calm enough sure", he nodded and kept walking. When we got there it was about 12:30 "you have to actully stand for a minuet" he said letting me down I glanced up at the enormos wheel Harry took my hand "come on risk taker" harry plodded, I climbed in the and scooched to the very end and looked over the edge of the cart. "whats with the distance? I only bite on Monday's" he said, I laughed and he pulled me into him self super tight "sorry I'm cold", "harry" I squeaked from the squeezing "I can't breath" the wheel started,"you sound funny like that 'Harry,I can't breath'" he imitated me in a scratchy voice. "do I sound that girly and stupid?" I asked not wanting to be judged like that from anyone. "no it's different but still it's cute" he winked, "thanks curls" I said winding my fingers through his curls, he leaned into me a lot "Harry","yes","I don't know just, Harry". "ok then ari",he smiled,"Ari" I kissed his cheek "Harry!" I said loudly "your so weird" he said leaning in kissing my cheek, Ping!,my phone,Niall just the thought of him made my heart flutter.
Mentioned in comment: miss u @ariana_web xx have fun with Harry
- miss u 2 @niall_94 my nialler monster! C u soon xx
Arg I needed to be with Harry right now not my phone "so you never told me where are you originally from?", "Florida but I moved her when I was about eight" I answared,"that explains your tan, and your awesome aquatic abilitys" he smiled, "what time is it?" I asked smiling back,"I don't know what's the rush?", "no rush just wandering". We exited the ride my hand found its way into Harry's "time for more rides!" he said walking towards the roller coster," "no way! Let's go on the marry-go-round!", I tried to pull him from the line "arg you little baby! Fine but do you know baby's get treated like baby's!" he knelt down "get on my back little toddler!" I laughed and did he ran in a circle and made airplian noises, "Harry!" I said through laughs "your so embarrassing!","that's the point toddler!","put me down adult!" I laughed he set me on the ground "so I guess your a big girl now and big girls go on big rides" he teased. "no no big girls don't cry and that's what I'll be doing by the end of the ride","oh god come on we're not going to sit here all day and do nothing!", "let's play games no rides" I said then we walked over to the game area leaving the rides behind...
(sorry not a good chapter I didt know what to put next)
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