My heart went two directions

6 friends 1 girl 2 love-sick boys and a whole lot of dramma when aria meets famous band 1 direction she never thought they'd get this close or that she'd be considerd there best friend it all started out tres great then Niall and hazza fall 4 the same girl who will this star horse back rider/genius/boy magnet choose how will she choose will she choose?..... (there will be a sequel :))


6. temporary boyfriend

Niall's P.O.V 

   I watched as she sauntered to the window "there still here" she told me. "I know it bothers me that they don't leave us alone it's really irritating..." I trailed off. "I know what will make you feel better" aria said, "What?" I asked pushing my messed up hair out of my face. "Your going to help me" she said pulling up her laptop. "With what?" I scooted closer to her. "I have a youtube vlog and people have been asking me to do something called 'my boyfriend does my makeup tag' do you mind being a temporary boyfriend?" she had started to set it all up and every thing. "Sure" I replied. "Thanks a billion! It's all they've been requesting. I'll get harry to help. It'll be more interesting that way" she started to get up. "Hey. Wait. First I call doing your hair." I smiled, even though I'd rather be a real boyfriend temporary wasn't to bad.

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