My heart went two directions

6 friends 1 girl 2 love-sick boys and a whole lot of dramma when aria meets famous band 1 direction she never thought they'd get this close or that she'd be considerd there best friend it all started out tres great then Niall and hazza fall 4 the same girl who will this star horse back rider/genius/boy magnet choose how will she choose will she choose?..... (there will be a sequel :))


33. Starbucks with liam

Arias P.O.V
"hey! Let's walk to Starbucks together" Liam called trotting over to us, "shhhh! People are still sleeping" I said as Liam joined us, " we all going" he seemed enthusiastic, "sure" we echoed, "great, great!" he answared, "it's to early to be energetic" I moaned, "its your fault I'm so happy today" he smiled. I glanced at Harry, who's hand was burning up "what did I do?" I asked, "I'll text it to you!" he whipped out his phone and typed rapidly. "Harry your deffinatly getting sick, are you cold at all?" I asked, my phone buzzed Liam I left it for a sec, "yeah a little" I checked the text.
Me: geez Liam I don't no y I did it just came up to me
"after brakefeast your going home and back to bed I think it's a cold" I told Harry. "he has a cold?" Niall asked as we walked, I nodded "feel his head" Niall did, "your burning" he said. Liam bounced along "we're almost there!" he squeaked a little girly like, "Is he always like this?" I asked, "nope you must of really made him happy" Niall laughed, "if he tells you why you'll know I wasn't the only one you did to" I laughed. Harry felt his own head "I am a little warm" he stuttered, "Harry your not warm your burning hot! Feel your head again" I put my hand on his head, he smiled naughty like, I caught on "you weirdo you know what I ment" I laughed, "but im hot you just said so!" he blurted out, I rolled my eyes. "so Niall what are you thinking of?" I asked, "n-nothing" he woke from his day dream, liam pulled me aside for a sec "he's thinking of you" he said, "yeah right" I caught back up with the boys, "yes you were you were totally zoned, so was it the food your about to eat?" I asked as he pushed open the door for me, it was slow this morning "it's a little personal" he said smiling. We sat in a both I scooted close to Harry and Niall scootched next to me, Liam sat across from me. Harry hung his head "I think your right.. I'm sick" I rubbed his neck massaged his shoulders a little, "i told you" I answared, "if I go home will you stay with me?", "sure". "I will to" Niall volenteered, "same" Liam said. "thank you" his head still hung, niall rested his head back. "I'm still tired" he complained, "I think we all are except Liam" I answared, "want to split something" Niall asked I nodded "your choice nothing to spicy" Harry layed his head on the table "will some one hold me?" he asked, I brushed curls from his face "I don't think I can", "hold me mommy" he hugged me and leaned on me I fell onto Niall, "you make me feel better" he stayed put, "sorry" I said to Niall who I fell on, "it's ok" he helped me off himself and stroaked my broken hand. Harry didt let up "You can't lean on me like this your basically pushing me onto Niall", "I don't mind" niall smiled and stroaked my hair, "i might as well sit on you" I laughed. The waiter walked over "may I take your-" he stopped mid word when he saw how we were sitting, " Liam laughed histarically at me, "thanks" I rolled my eyes. "we'll get two orders of pancakes and... Harry what do you want?" Niall asked, "water" he replied pushing his face into my side, "and a water thank you" he finished, I finally got Harry up straight agian, "I'm sorry I just don't feel well... At all" he pulled me into a burning hug. "try to be a little more gentle you were squashing us" I moved away from burning Harry, he leaned against the window and shut his eyes. Liam smiled radiantly at me I didt get why though I was holding Harry's hand. Then I understood Niall had moved himself over so we sat closer, I smiled back to Liam then Niall. "are you ok" nail reach across me and touched Harry's head again, "no I'm feazing" he shivered, "he has a cold" I explained. Harry coughed and hung his head again "I want some one to hold me" he said agian eyes still shut. "Liam can" I looked at Liam , he nodded no, I nodded yes. "why can't you?" Harry whined, "when you lean on me it crushes me do you want to crush me?" I asked, "no" he downcasted. Liam traded places with Niall and i, Harry leaned on Liam and he did budge "perfect" I said. My eyes were heavy "every ones ethier really tired and falling asleep or sick but me" Liam scoffed. "sooo tired" I yawned, "same" Niall leaned his head back, he patted his shoulder I leaned on it and he layed his head on mine, "so freaking tired" I shut my eyes, "arg I might fall asleep on you" Niall laughed. Harry coughed some more, "you three are pitiful" Liam smiled. "I feel so bad Harry I just can't 'hold' you in a booth" I stated, "it's ok as long as I'm not by myself at home", I shut my eyes agian and pushed Niall's hair back. "you smell like chocolate cake" niall said, I giggled "you smell like sugar and sweat" . I heard a camera my eyes flashed open "what was that?" I asked, Liam smiled looking at his phone "you guys are so cute I couldnt resist, it's only going on twitter" he smiled, "you better not" I warned, "Liam some privacy would be cool we're just tired" Niall snuggled closer. The waiter arrived with our food, I lifted my head to see the pancakes. "I get this much and you get that" Niall placed his knife over the pancakes, "not fair yours is way bigger than mine!" I protested, "I'm bigger than you and you still get a lot" Niall reasoned, "the only reason your winning this is because I'm tired" I ate a small bite, "you sure your not hungry?" I asked Harry, "if I eat i'll just throw it up", I felt so bad for him, "sorry maybe If you feel any better when we get back maybe lou will make you something cause I suck at cooking" I tried to make him feel better. He nodded I took a couple more bites, "you got some there" Niall pointed to me with his fork, "where?" he dipped his fork in some whipped cream and dabbed it on my nose really fast "there" he finished. I wipped some on his nose as well "that's not very lady like" he raised an eyebrow "and it's ok when you do it?" I asked, "It's different when I do it" he laughed, "whatever" I laughed putting some more on him. "hey! It was even" he put some more on me "not any more" I scooped the rest up and slabbed it on him, "no more I win!" another click "Liam your not a news reporter stop taking pics!" I laughed, "can I have some?" Harry smiled and pointed to my nose "go for it" I bent over the table and he licked my nose, Liam took a picture of that to "stop!" I told Liam. The waiter walked over "here's the chec-" he stop when he saw Harry lick my nose, i sat back into Niall's arm "you come at the awkwardest times" i told the waiter as I wiped Niall's nose of the whipped cream, Liam took the check "here keep the change" he told the waiter.
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