My heart went two directions

6 friends 1 girl 2 love-sick boys and a whole lot of dramma when aria meets famous band 1 direction she never thought they'd get this close or that she'd be considerd there best friend it all started out tres great then Niall and hazza fall 4 the same girl who will this star horse back rider/genius/boy magnet choose how will she choose will she choose?..... (there will be a sequel :))


15. Served with a side of attitude

Aria's P.O.V
I woke up to a excited Niall jumping on the bed "what are you doing it's 7:15!" I exclaimed a little agitated."I'm hungry let's go eat!". I was not a morning person 'till about 9 o'clock "to early I groaned as Niall pulled me off the bed. Ping! My phone,Harry
-Harry: want to go get brakefest? 7:18
Niall flopped down next to me and looked at me with sorry eyes "can we go now?, I threw my arms up in defeat "give me a couple minuets, and you can use some of my brothers old cloths" I pointed to the dresser as I started towards the door. "ok thanks see you in a few" Niall smiled.
-Me: how do u get up so early!?!
-Harry: Idk I just do sorry did u wake u?
I picked out a pair of ripped jeans a black v-neck and my vans that I took the laces out of cause they annoyed me, I adored these shoes.
-Me: no Niall did -__- that boy
-Harry:haha gotta love Niall what did he do?
I slipped into my cloths, put some white eyeshadow and blended it at the top with brown creating a smokey affect, then I curled my lashes and put on some 'maskara' as Harry would say making my already long lashes longer.
-Me: he can tell u himself at brakefest it's ok if he tags along right?
-Harry: erm ok but can we hang out some time just u and me?
-Me: absolutely how bout 2day after brakefest?
-Harry: sounds awesome :) pick u guys up in a hour
I walked to my brothers door and knocked slightly "you ready?", Niall came out and smiled "yeah","harrys going to pick us up in about a hour is that ok?",he paused for a second "yeah so what can we do 'till then". I thought about Ricky I hadnt risen him in two days! "want to help me feed Ricky?", "sure" he regained his crocked smile.

Harry's P.O.V
I felt a little outcasted with Niall and Aria last night they just looked so good together on livestream I couldn't help but feel that way I really like Aria she gives me a feeling I've never had with anyone before. I combed my hair and put on some a pair of worn out jeans and a black polo. I slid my favorite purple hoodie. Arg I look ok but I felt a mess I thought about what it would be like today with Aria it cheered my up a bit. I flipped my hair and looked in the mirror again at least my hair looked good. I walked my my car when Lou followed me out. "Have fun with your girlfriend!" he called, I smiled at the thought of aria being my girlfriend. "She's not my girlfriend" I told him, "yet, I know how much you like her" he winked. I got in the car and drove off Leaving Lou and his teasing behind was it that ovious?

Aria's P.O.V
I heard a knock at the door Harry, I smiled to myself. "Niall hurry you look fine!" I yelled as I answered the door. "Hey" Harry said smiling "hey" I muffled into his shoulder as he pulled me into a big hug I hugged him back, the electric shocks rolled into my chest making me lean into the hug more. Niall walked out and we separated "I can't believe I fell in hay" he said picking off the lingering strands. "hey mate" Harry greated Niall, "hey how was your night" Niall asked inter locking his hand in mine. "I wasn't feeling very well" he glanced down at mereching for my other hand. Then both he and Niall gave each other warning glances what was up with these two today!

Harry's P.O.V
I guess I was a little competitive with Niall around because she oviously adored him maybe it was jealousy but I definitely had a lot of feelings for aria. We walked to the car in scilents Niall went to the back and I tightened my grip on her hand leading her to the passengers seat I opened the door for her "thank you" she smiled,"your welcome" I slid into the drivers seat and we were off. I couldn't help to notice how pretty she looked, her shirt contrasted her skin perfectly and her jeans showed off her long legs. I reached out and put my hand on her thigh I didt even notice I did that untill, "why so quiet?" she asked trading glances with me and Niall. "I zoned out sorry" I replied, " so how was your night?" I asked not really wanting to know about what Niall and her did it would only make me feel jealous. "It was fun, untill Niall woke me up", "sorry I was hungry" he replied,"what had happend you wouldn't tell me this morning?","well Niall started jumping on the bed yelling 'im hungry'" she said snickering. I smiled like a idiot her smiles were contagious. My hand found its way into hers. Butterflies, when ever we touched my heart raced. "I felt really odd last night" I said she looked up conserned "do you know why?", "I don't know why but I have an idea". I couldn't get up the nerve to tell her how jealous I was when Niall got to stay the night so I just said "never mind" in a weak voice "are you sure your ok" she touched my upper arm my heart fluttered,"yeah it's just stupid stuff" I forced a smile, "if your sure". "hey Niall did you die back there!" I said a little more cheerful trying to brake the suspends the car held. "yeah I'm just really tired" he said glancing in ari's direction. "do you mind taking me home I don't think I'm up to going out", I felt happy to have aria alone for once, "sure mate get some good rest were not to far from home anyway" I turned the car and felt 20 pounds lift out of the air I almost wanted to lean over and give aria a big hug. We arrived and Niall unbuckled andleaned forwards and hugged aria she hugged him back, then he kissed her......
Her cheek that is I still felt my confidence whither a little. Her grip tightned around my hand "what's going on between you and Niall?", I felt a shock of nerves when she asked that my palm started to sweat "just...I don't know it's just, arg can we please talk about you I'm not sure whats gotten into me and him" I nervously replied, she smiled "just tell me if it starts bothering you and I'll help"

We soon arrived at nandos at took the table next to the window. Then we walked up to the booth to order, "how may I help you" the girl taking our order said in a monotone voice plastered to her phone. "we'll take two Carmel coffees and two cookies", "do you want any thing else" i asked aria who seemed nervous around the girl I reached for her hand "no that's enough" she said cautiously. The girl looked up "your HARRY STYLES!!" she screamed, "i am" I said a little conserned how aria was acting. Her eyes got wide "is that all" she said enthusiastically, I saw the mean glare she shot ari. She aria walked behind me a little still clutching my hand "Ari?" I said did this mean girl really have this affect on her. "Come on" I pulled her into myself, her face flushed the girl threw her another glare she pushed her face into my shirt. "that's all" I said in a warning tone, "ok it,ll be out soon" she said batting her eyes and gave me a bubbly smile. I walked to the table with aria close, I pulled her into the booth with me. "Did that girl upset you?" I asked, "no I just get really nervous around pretty girls" her face was still flushed,"Ari your 50 times pretty than that girl will ever be", she pulled me close "thank you Harry, so much your so sweet" she blushed and hid her face in my shirt "I care about you ari so much if you ever have a problem like this tell me asap" I pulled her close and kissed the top of her head the electric vibe came back and I squeezed her tight. "mr.styles" said the girl in a sing song voice, I kissed arias cheek "come with me" I said in a soft voice, "but-" I cut her off "please come" I gave her caring eyes."Ok" she said weakly I gripped her hand and lead her to the booth the girl glared in arias direction she hid her face in my shirt, I hated this girl for making her this way I glared back an intense mean glare that surprised her. I put our interlocked hands on the counter and kissed the top of aria's head she blushed and smiled thank god she was ok. "thank you" I suger-coated the you and walked away satisfied.
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