My heart went two directions

6 friends 1 girl 2 love-sick boys and a whole lot of dramma when aria meets famous band 1 direction she never thought they'd get this close or that she'd be considerd there best friend it all started out tres great then Niall and hazza fall 4 the same girl who will this star horse back rider/genius/boy magnet choose how will she choose will she choose?..... (there will be a sequel :))


2. Ricochet

Arias P.O.V

We all jammed into the car I took the seat next to harry."where's that from?" Harry asked pointing to my horse shoe necklace. I smiled at the thought "it's from my first horse show", "you ride horses?" Harry asked. "ya I have a horse named Ricochet he's the love of my life for the moment" I laughed. I glanced at Niall who looked flustered and was staring at his shoes.he almost looked like he was sad. My train of thought was interrupted by a loud laugh from the back. liam and zayn were dancing in the back like little kids and Louis was playing with a fake pidgion."his names Kevin,say hi to kevin!!!!" I looked at Harry who gave me a 'he's weird just ignore it' look and said "so what type is your horse?" "SAY HELLO TO KEVIN!!!!" Louis interrupted "Lou I'm not talking to a-" he cut me off "say hi now!". "Fine! Hi idiot bird named Kevin". Lou covered Kevin's ears and gave me a sassy look. From the drivers seat zayn shouted "we're almost there!" I saw Ricky (ricochet) cantering along the fence line."Thats him" I pointed out to Harry. Niall gazed out the window at my babe Ricky. I scooted closer to him and pointed "that's my horse." he looked at me in the way a kid who wanted more candy would "when we get there can we get out and see him?". I smiled. I loved to show off my horses. "sure I'll give u a tour"

Harry's P.O.V

When we arrived aria directed us to the side of the barn "wait here" she prompted with that she dashed off into the feild and reunited with her horse. She looked so cute so happy and graceful. "so you have a crush on her" liam suggested, "maybe she is really nice but she'll probably forget about us the minuet we leave." I glanced an my feet "ask for her number mate dur.". "look" Lou pointed as aria mounted her horse bareback and rode it to the side of the stable. she then lead him into the stable."this is Ricky" she said patting his head. She walked out of the stall and motioned us to come see. He was a big horse very very very big..

Aria's P.O.V

Niall came up first and scratched Ricky's cheek. "your so big," Niall said to him and continued petting, everyone came up to him and pet him but Harry sat in the back looking a little agitated. I tugged at his wrist I felt a surge pulse threw my body as I touched his wrist "come on" I said ignoring the odd vibe. I heard his breath hitch and he took a step back. "Harry don't be such a baby come on" He looked at his shoes and inched closer to Ricky 'till he could reach out and touch him. He did. "thanks" he whispered to me. "ok guys we should go" liam announced they all looked sad to be leaving. Liam approached me "hey,we should hang out again, can I have your number?", "sure" I handed it off, "tell the other boys if you want" I said. He winked in Harry's direction. Niall looked down shyly and met my eyes, then smiled "here this is my number, if u need anything or..." he trailed off. he looked so cute doing that. I smiled at his shyness "here's mine". "Thanks see you soon". As he walked by his hand brushed mine and another electric surge pulsed through me did Niall and Harry feel that to? As the rest of them shuffled out the door all I could think about was that surge.

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