My heart went two directions

6 friends 1 girl 2 love-sick boys and a whole lot of dramma when aria meets famous band 1 direction she never thought they'd get this close or that she'd be considerd there best friend it all started out tres great then Niall and hazza fall 4 the same girl who will this star horse back rider/genius/boy magnet choose how will she choose will she choose?..... (there will be a sequel :))


55. Pressure

Aria's P.O.V

I slumped down on one of the benches. It was finally brake time and I was exhausted. 2 hours of hard core hip-hop and then another 3 and a hours for ballet I could've slept the rest of the day. "Hey" Toby my partner sat next to me. "Hi" I gave him a weak smile. "We have to check outfits in about 20" he put his hand on my knee. I shivered because of it's cold touch. "Thanks. Do you know if the scouts are coming?" I fixed my ponytail. "Yeah there coming we're going to have to be perfect for them" He sighed. I nodded and brought up my phone to text.

Me: Hey

I sent to Niall. Seconds later I got a reply.

Nialler: Hey hows practice

Me: Im doing good but I need to do better

Nialler: Your just nervous I no youll do good

I wiped my face on my towel and my phone beeped again.

Nialler: Can u call?

I brought my knees to my face and started to type again.

Me: I wish I have to go c u soon

I got up and put my hand over my abs hoping they didn't look bulgy from all the water I had just drank. Tiredly walking across the room to change into costume I noticed how good looking toby was for the first time. Tall with warm brown eyes and shaggy sandy colored hair and angular face topped off his look. I still thought Niall was much more cute. I ducked into a changing room and switched into my black skirt with rhinestones lined and midriff shirt with my hoddie with ripped sleeves. I looked in the mirror and pulled down my spandex to cover up some of my leg and adjusted my hair so it looked messy but not to messy.  Well I guess it's showtime.


Niall's P.O.V

I slipped by some people to get to the backstage door. "Do you have it?" Harry said in his slow deep voice. "yeah it's in my back pocket" I smiled and tapped the little box. "You should give it to her before for good luck" he smiled as we slipped through the door. "That would be a good idea but maybe I should wait" I spun around and elbowed him to be quiet when I saw Aria coming towards us. "You look great" harry beat me to the words and gave her a big hug. She looked a lot different.... sexy. Her hair was messy but not to messy and she had on a short black skirt and midriff shirt that exposed her flat tummy and long legs. Her eyes had been done so they looked more mysterious. I liked it better when she wasn't wearing makeup and the revealing clothes but this... Was a big turn on. "When do you go on?" I asked pulling her into a close hug. "10 minuets" she replied her voice was creaky. "You ok" I asked tapping her hand. "Yeah just nervous" she weakly smiled. Harry was excitingly popping about behind her and smiling. I linked my fingers around her wrist "You'll do fine" I looked her straight in her hazel eyes that at the moment were more green than brown. "thanks, I'll be right back gotta check on toby" she sent me a knowing smile. "Ok" I smiled back and softly slide my hands down her wrist and then off.


Aria's P.O.V

I hurried towards Toby to run through the order of the dances when someone grabbed my wrist and pulled me into a hug. I looked up half expecting Niall but saw Harry smiling down. I smiled back at the cheeky boy. "Quite happy are we?" I smiled feeling my knees wobble because of the time I was loosing. "Extremely, I just wanted to say good luck" he leaned down and unexpectingly kissed my cheek really close to my mouth. I swiveled my head to make sure nobody saw. "Harry!" I whisper screamed, "I know but just because your with Niall doesn't mean I Cant do that" he didn't let go. "But not that close and he might get mad. You'd get mad if he kissed your girlfriend" I shook my head. "Oh shut up! Your my girlfriend" he laughed kissing my face again. I pulled away. "Very funny Harold. No" I laughed checking my watch 7 minuets "Ok go on I just wanted to wish you good luck" he smiled again. I Nodded and raced off. I sat in one the chairs next to the stage dressing room after no luck finding Toby. I glanced around for Hanna so we could have our usually comp prep convo. I saw her standing with a blonde boy that was Niall's height. I decided not to bother her 'cause it's good she's finally over the freak she used to drool over. I watched them talk in hushed voices. The boy pulled out a tiny box and flashed the interior to her. Wait a sec.... I heard a sharp squeal and then I started to pick up familiar features in the boy... he looked a lot like niall.... He was Niall! I jumped confused and walked away to the bathroom to think.

Why would he give that to Hanna?

Why was Harry so happy?

Where is Toby?

Then it all made since. Niall had told me last night he went and saw Hanna. He was cheating on me and Harry knew that's why he was happy and Toby saw him hug me. I started to tear up I pushed a paper in my eyes so my makeup wouldn't run. I shut down and stared myself in the mirror I knew I wasn't good enough and I knew this was happening. I looked down at my wrist and counted the scares. 1.. mom,2.... Trevor,3..... Niall I thought what could one more scar do... make the pain go but this time I'd need 100 to make the pain go. I would talk to Niall after this I thought pushing threw the bathroom door. I snuck around to get alone I needed time to think. I felt a strong hand grip mine and looked up and saw Niall and it felt like bullets when he looked into my eyes. "I've been looking everywhere for you. Are you ok?" he grabbed both of my hands and pulled me closer. I didn't want to love it but I couldn't stop. It was different. I stepped back with tears behind my eyes. "No..." I whispered feeling my voice ripple. I tore away and make it out into the girls dressing room and locked the door. "Ari!" I heard a voice scream. I puffed out and let out a sob there was no one to hear or see me in here. I looked in the mirror and saw a puffy eyes heartthrob staring back. I cryed like a baby that lost it's favorite toy but I was losing way more than that. I remembered my performance and settled enough to check my watch 4 minuets. I redid my eyes make up shakily and looked again I put the best smile on I could. There's no use I'm all the things Trevor called me...Naïve little child I am don't know what's best.... falls in love with Niall.... I looked ok on the outside but inside I'm torn and littered across the ground for people to step on. I opened the text I've left unopened for to long.

Trevor: I need you back im sry 4 what I did and said but it's gotta b u

I closed my eyes and touched his designated mark left on me. I got up and fell back on wobbly knees. I'm such a little faggot I thought standing and walking to Toby my partner who was docked out side the room. 1 minuet. I pulled him up wordlessly and lead him to the black door seperarting us from the stage "we're going to kill it" he nudged me. Soon the other dancers lined up behind us. "Aria whats wrong" Hanna pulled on my arm. She looked beautiful and she didn't know yet what she did cause I hadn't told her about... Narianna. "nothing" I mouthed she looked unbelieving at me"Your talking after this" she sternly spoke. My eyes weaved around her and met Niall's across the room he stared intensely at me and mouth 'Were talking about this' and then coached yelled at us to get out there and kill it. I walked out on stage and entered a new world this was my place, the one place I really belonged.

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