My heart went two directions

6 friends 1 girl 2 love-sick boys and a whole lot of dramma when aria meets famous band 1 direction she never thought they'd get this close or that she'd be considerd there best friend it all started out tres great then Niall and hazza fall 4 the same girl who will this star horse back rider/genius/boy magnet choose how will she choose will she choose?..... (there will be a sequel :))


54. Preshow

,Niall's P.O.V

 My eye fluttered open to see Ari still sound asleep next to me. I shut my eyes and just sat there a little longer. Should I get up and make breakfast for her to make up for what I wasn't telling her or should I just wait for her.  I took a deep breath and kissed her temple before I checked my phone. I logged onto twitter and scrolled threw some comments. There was some hate on what fans named Nariana after me and Ari. I read some it made my stomach turn thinking about what people think of us. Fake,unrealistic, and too close friends to date is what some said. I glanced at Aria her hair was in a usual morning messy bun we aren't any of those things. Then I read through some of the nice comments and smiled. There were a lot of people who did like us together. I clicked on some peoples accounts and followed them and clicked through their pics. It was 7:42. I shook Ari awake so we'd at least have some time together this morning. "to early" she groaned rolling over, "we gotta get going" I pat her head. she covered herself up more with blankets, "My bed told me it wants me to stay" her voice sounded raspy and sexy. I peeled off her covers, "I want you to wake up" I rubbed her back. she groaned and sat up, "I could've had twenty more minuets" she sleepily said and than sneezed. I think when girls sneeze it's absolutely adorable and Aria's sneeze just made me melt. "awe" I smile-pouted, "But if I didn't get you up it would've been a big rush out the door for you" I gently said patting her back. "your right" she stood, I didn't realize until now she was around 5,6" and I was little over an inch taller. "I should take a shower you can do whatever you want except go see the horses they get nippy in the morning." she sleepily yawned. "I don't feel very well. Sorry if I'm a little finicky." she whispered. "Your just nervous I do that to" I whispered back. She nodded and walked to the bathroom. I pulled on Gray sweats and a shirt than shuffled around the room till I found Nari sleeping on the ground. She had doubled size in the couple days I hadn't seen her. I pet her a couple times and then started fooling around with the keyboard. About twenty minuets later Aria appeared from the bathroom. She looked perfect. Her hair fell right above her bum and she looked even more gorgeous without makeup her pretty hazel eyes twinkled when she blinked. And she looked irresistible in her short, short black yoga shorts and plain grey V-neck shirt. She squeezed the water from her long hair so it regained it's soft curls. "Oh god" I stood than sat like a retard. I started to giggle a little. "What?" she sat next to me and I couldn't control it. I ran my hand down her skinny thigh. "You! It's you your just so oh my god perfect." I pulled her onto my lap without thinking about it. "Thank you! I'm glad you feel that way" her voice was light and giddy. she stood and I went after her, I grabbed her hand and put it on my face and then did the same with the other. "And your mine" I smiled and gave her I big hug. "Niall" she hugged me back. "Your the sweetest person I've ever met. Your the one everyone loves. your the perfect one" she nestled her head into my shoulder. She pulled away and kissed my nose, "We should get going" she said walking around the room and put stuff in her bag. She put on old worn ballet flats and then threw a newer pair in her bag.


Aria's P.O.V

I pulled my hair up in a ponytail. "What time is it?" I asked plopping onto the bed. "Um... 8:04" Niall sat on my lap. "Hey there big baby" I gasped under his weight. "Lets play a game?" he bounced. "What game?" I asked. He slipped off my lap, "Would you rather" he answered. "I love that game! You start" I Layed down on the bed. "Good. So would you one that you love but barely get to see or someone who you don't love but can see whenever you want." he asked. "defiantly choice one" I answered. "But you couldn't see them" he repeated. "I know but still you would see them sometimes and you could Skype and stuff, plus you'd love them and that's something not a lot of people have" I sat up and crossed my legs. "what would you do?" I asked. "I agree with you now that you put it that way" he drummed his fingers on his shoe. "Ok so would you rather have a no job or having a job where you had to be with the person you hate all the time?" I asked. He crossed his eyes. "erm... that one's hard" he put his head in his hands and giggled. "second choice, I'd be bored all the time and would eat all the time and get really fat if I didn't have a job" he laughed out. "That's true especially being you" I laughed. "don't be mean because I have fat boy probs" he stuck his tongue out at me. "Don't give me a tude" I laughed. "It's not a tude it's my fat boy coming out. So would you rather...ummm... I'm gonna make this really hard....drink a lot and always be drunk or have sex and get a disease?" he sat up and gave me a sideways glance. "what was that look?" I laughed. "Don't stall you have to leave soon" he checked his phone. "one diseases are for life I could go to a rehab center or something to fix the second one" I answered finally. "I thought that would be harder for you" he stood and then helped me up. "It would've been if you left out disease" I laughed. "Whatever it's just a game, so do you want me to take you over to the studio or we can go separate ways" he took my hand. "Your choice" I said starting to text my grandma to feed the animals cause I don't have time. "ok I'll drive you" he smiled as we made our way to the door. "I was hoping you'd say that" he pulled me into him when we walked out side to hide me from the cold.  

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