My heart went two directions

6 friends 1 girl 2 love-sick boys and a whole lot of dramma when aria meets famous band 1 direction she never thought they'd get this close or that she'd be considerd there best friend it all started out tres great then Niall and hazza fall 4 the same girl who will this star horse back rider/genius/boy magnet choose how will she choose will she choose?..... (there will be a sequel :))


10. Pool time

Niall P.O.V
Aria came to the door with looking perfect, and super hot she looked like she just came out of one of those teen magazines for girls. "hey" Harry said before I could "you look great" oh god I probably look like idiot just standing here not saying anything. "thanks you both do to","thanks" I said finally finding the words."thanks" Harry echoed,"we should get going so we have more pool time" I said I couldn't help but smile. I could hear her dog bark from in side the house,"ok don't want to miss a second of the water". She said and started towards the car, my hand brushed hers and it sent shocks up my spine. She sat next to Harry and I in the car zayn turned up the radio in the car when suddenly What Makes You Beautiful came on. Aria started laughing at me 'cause I had accadenly started singing along. Her laugh was so cute I started laughing to,then everyone in the car started singing we probably looked like idiots from the view of other cars but I didt really care I was having so much fun.

Aria's P.O.V
When we finally arrived everyone jumped out of the car leaving me in the dust as i got out of the car. Someone behind me gave me a hug it sent chills through me "who's this?" I asked,"me" said a fimiliar husky voice,Harry. I turned and hugged him back then we walked to the pool together "how are you" he asked,"good you","same". We finally reached the pool Harry stripped off his shirt and jumped in that's when I noticed that all the boys had perfectly toned bodys. Niall walked over to me sitting on the side of the chair I was on looking adorable with his hair sticking up in all directions and soaked "you coming in" he asked,"not with all that going on" I gestured to his abs, "don't be such a baby come on" he said,"nope I'll look like a wet dog compaired to you guys","no you won't thats impossible get in" he pleaded,"no" I replied. "do you have your phone in your pockets?" he asked totally off topic "no why?", "because" he scooped me up off the chair and started towards the water "Niall!" I shouted,"yes" he said,"please put me down" I pleaded,"nope" he added, "Louis help!" I called to Lou who just laughed at my squirming,"to late" Niall laughed. Splash we submerged into the water "Niall!" I shouted, clinging to him "yes" he smiled looking down at me,"race ya to the stairs" I called giving him a glance he looked surprised. I shot forward in the water only to have Niall rocket behind me. I was about to reach the stair when someone pulled my foot stopping me from swimming I tried to kick the hand off when the person pulled me to my feet,Harry "why are you swimming in your cloths?" he asked,"Niall threw me in with him" I replied,"oh are you gonna take them off now?" he asked,I glanced at Harry chest "not with all you guys I'll look like a wet dog compaired to you","awe no you won't what size is your shirt again x-small" he reminded me tugging on the bottom of it,"yeah" I noticed how close we were standing about a inch apart. Harry just looked down at me waiting "see you shouldn't be self cautions of that" he said, he leaned forward a fraction. Then someone came behind me and squeezed my sides "want to have a water gun fight?" a irish voice asked, Niall. Harry threw him a mean look then I smiled at Harry tapped his hand he smiled back. I turned to a excited Niall "totally!" I said ecstatic "yay! Here he handed a water gun to both me and Harry I got on land and was squirted by zayn who I happily sprayed back. "five against one!" liam shouted,"hey no fair!" I shouted,"oh well" Lou said squirting me. They all huddled together to plan I took the opportunity to make a run for a tree, I climed up the tree to the very top and waited. Harry walked right under my tree I sprayed him he turned confused and I sprayed him again. He was so flustered I took off my soaked shirt revealing my bathing suit and chucked it down on harrys head. He looked up and spotted me then he called the other boys over so they could all drench me."nice try" Niall called up,"but your trapped know!" then all the boys pointed there guns and me and sprayed. I tryed to dodge the aim but there were to many of them. I jumped from the tree and bolted off only to by tackled by a soaked Harry we tumbled down into mud "thanks" I told Harry who had only a bit of mud on his arm."your welcome!" he chimed. I picked up a handful of mud and smashed it in Harry's hair."my precious hair!" he joked."your welcome" I said in a singsong voice. Then he threw some at me,I pushed him in some mud and he fell. "game on" he smiled we threw and splattered mud everywhere 'till Lou found us covered in brown gooey mud. "what did you do!" Lou exclaimed "mud fight" we said at the same time "let's get you both cleaned up" Lou said mother like. Harry and I trailed behind Louis like little ducks untill we got back to the pool. When we walked in the other three stared. "I think we look like aliens to them" I couldn't help but laugh at Harry joke. "hello earthlings we are from the planet idiot" Harry announced. "come on" Lou lead us fowards to the hose,I saw Niall glance at me u thought I saw a flicker of sadness in his eyes or maybe it was jealousy but what would he be jealous of. "wash each other off then come inside" Lou instructed,"yes sir" me and Harry chimed. Then Louis walked inside with the others. "you first" I told Harry, he nodded and I sprayed him down. His hair was the hardest it had dry dirt stuck in it. "ok your trun" he said, the mud came out of my hair super easily unlike Harry's,"your shorts" he said "you need to take them off" I nodded my head noway was I stripping down to just my bathingsuit."You need to I won't look I promiss" "ok"I replied,he shut his eyes and I took of my shorts then quickly wrapped a towel around me "you can look now" I said, he opened his eyes and smiled "I don't know why your self cautions your beautiful" he reassured me, I smiled back "I have reasons" I touched the cuts my ex caused then the scar a little below my hip secretly. Then we walked inside. "look they're normal again" zayn pointed, I tightned by grip on the towel a little. I walked over to Niall who smiled when I sat down "you have any extra cloths with you?" he asked,"no" I answered, "come with me" he said and smiled, I did he lead me to his room and shuffled through a drawer then brought out a shirt and a pair of gym shorts. "here you can wear these 'till you get home" he said handing them off, "thanks" I said sliding the shirt over my head then his shorts.

Niall's P.O.V
My shirt skimmed right above arias knees and the shorts I gave her lingered near her calves. She looked perfect standing there. "your the best" she said grabbing me in a hug I felt spiders crawl up my back as I hugged her back. "thank ari" I said back then we walked down stairs to see liam putting in a movie probably a Disney cartoon. My pinky found its way to hers as we sat on the couch. Harry who was siting with Lou came over and plopped him self down next to aria. "so you found something to wear" he said with a smile nudging aria. "ya Niall is the best" she said looking up to me. Harry scooted closer to her "yeah Niall is pretty awesome" he said, arg I couldn't have a moment with aria without Harry butting in. "you still owe me that kiss" Harry raised his eyebrows and she kissed his nose. I felt a tug of jealousy rise in me and I squeezed her pinky unintentionally then Harry left and went back to Louis. She shited her hand in mine so now we were holding hands. "your cold arnt you" I asked as her teeth chatter, "y-eah" she answered I pulled her I n closer to me and she leaned into my touch "better?" I asked, "yeah thanks" she pulled her knees to her chest and leaned her head on my shoulder. The movie started as I suspected toy story,"Liam loves Disney movies" I told aria,"I like them to nemos my favorite" she smiled,"nemo the one with the fish? I like lion king best". SHHHHH Liam shushed us I guess this is one of his favorites so we can't talk. I wrapped my arm around ari's shoulder and she leaned in to me more. About 20 minuets into the movie she fell asleep. When the movie finally ended it was 8:15 and aria was still asleep Louis came by and sat next to aria and I. He nudged her a little "wake up sweetie movies over" then he clapped and she woke up. I glared at Lou and he just smiled like 'what can you do kiddo' "we should get you home it's getting dark" she nodded. She got up and stretched "ok" she muffled out in a rickitty voice.

Harry's P.O.V
"your leaving?" I asked a disappointed I really like arias company and she was already going. She walked over to me "yeah" she said then hugged me it sent butterflies loose in my stomach "it's getting late" I hugged her back "it's not that late" I added "you can stay a little longer right?","no I still have to give the animals dinner. I frowned "please","sorry Harry they'll starve". I tensed a little I guess she could feel it 'cause she slid her hands into mine and squeezed then "see you soon" she gave me an adorable 'sorry' smile and I fake frowned."Come on I'm bad at driving at night" Niall interupted, she drifted to the door where Niall was waiting and gave me another 'sorry' smile that made me blush a little.
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