My heart went two directions

6 friends 1 girl 2 love-sick boys and a whole lot of dramma when aria meets famous band 1 direction she never thought they'd get this close or that she'd be considerd there best friend it all started out tres great then Niall and hazza fall 4 the same girl who will this star horse back rider/genius/boy magnet choose how will she choose will she choose?..... (there will be a sequel :))


18. Our secret

Aria's P.O.V
We pulled up to a enormous building with tons of wide glass clean windows,"wow" i muttered under my breath,"wait 'till you see the inside its awesome!"i swear harry and niall had dog like hearing. I fallowed him into the building close behind shyly i was a really shy person when it came to pretty girls and rich people, thats why almost all my friends except for chandler and mikala which are life long buddies who are like sisters to me. Other than that richys and prettys i could carry out a convo with anyone about basically anything. "come on" harry grabbed my hand, i looked around the building was filled with expinsive glass things and white that basically said 'if you touch ill shatter or you'll leave a stain' as i admired a fimilliar accsent ripped me out of my thoughts "ARIA" it yelled i laughed,"NIALL" i screamed back. I let go of harry to hug an excited niall, he squeezed me tight a surge rolled threw my spine i hugged back,"i missed you" he whispered so no one but i could hear, "missed you to" we finally let go.

Niall's P.O.V
I still felt the sensation after we touched, it made me feel warm and loving inside. Oh my god was is this what it felt like falling in love? I know i have feelings for her but was i in love? This feeling i have never had with anyone... I liked it alot. Harry made his way to us,and so did the rest of the boys. We started walking to the studio "so how was your day?" i asked even though
I knew the answer "it was fun" she glanced over to Harry, I normally wasn't the jealous type but as stupid as it sounds I did get extreamly jealous when she was with him. We kept walking
"what about yours?", she asked full attention on me,"I napped and that was about it" I said truthfully even though what I wanted to say was 'I thought about you all day and napped' but of corse I did't have the guts to say that nor will I ever."how exhillerating" she teased, I smiled
Stupidly,"I know I'm so adventurous on Sundays". My hand creeped into hers she looked perfect a blonde streak that was wavy/curly fell from her braid it took every ounce of me not to brush it out of her face. Her long braid reached down her back small strands of hairs excaped from it. Her hair was the perfect combination of auburn brown and blonde making a unique beutiful color only she had. "what are you doing after this?" she asked, bringing me back to life out of my daydream "hopefully doing something with you" I replied oh shit! Did that just come out of my mouth I hated flirting and that is what I had just done flirting made me feel cheesy and revealing which I hated being judged as. I did't like it when people knew what I was feeling for them, it made me feel awkward for some reason I mean if she was my girlfriend I would tell her everything I felt about her but that's not happening depressing enough. Another thing I never did was tell someone I love them when I don't but that has no effect on ari cause I did I think? "I can't I have to ride Ricky's still green (which means is not trained and is young) so I have to ride him as much as possible, and I also have to ride Luna she hasn't been riden in a month" she ansawed
I felt my cheeks get hot I must look like a complete idiot right now "what about tommow?", "sure I'll text you". We finally arrived I regretfully let her hand go and walked into the studio.

Aria's P.O.V
As I walked to sit down Harry glanced at me in an odd way,what did I do. I took a seat and watched they all whispered lightly so no one could here them then they put on the headphones and laughed walking to the microphone. "happy birthday to you" they sang in unison, what was going on? "happy birthday to you" zayn and Louis sang, "happy birthday dear aria!" Harry and Niall sang beautifully, I laughed what the fuck I thought, "happy birthday to you!" Liam sang solo. "how was our warm up?" lou asked, I threw my head back in laughter and gave two thumbs up. They continued to sing seriously now I couldn't help but be amazed Niall's voice was so different then his regular voice, his singing voice was amazing it matched his personality sweet,comforting,shy sometimes and Harry's was high but could be low they each had a totally different sound that created a perfect harmony. When they finished Niall came and sat with me as the rest left for snacks Harry glanced back and gave Niall a harsh look and soften when it reached me, I felt protective of Niall when Harry threw him a look I ignored Harry and directed my attention to Niall. "Niall, why is harry being hostile towards you?" I looked at him conserned, he frowned at the question "we're having a problem...", "what happened are you guys ok can I help?", he smiled "I can't tell you don't take it personally though, I don't want to keep anything from you but this no one knows", I felt a little sad he couldn't tell me a frown played on my lips but I hid it the best I could "it's ok just know I'm here for you", he hugged me softly "thank you for understanding, sorry I just can't tell you yet" I hugged him back "your welcome" my voice hitched as the surge rolled though me. We got up and walked to the snack bar like the rest of the boys. Liam gestured me to him "hey ari!" he called, "hey Liam!" I said walking to him, "vas happening?!", "erm how do I answer to that?",he laughed "it's like saying what's happening but the cool kids say vas","sorry guess I'm not cool enough" I laughed "so lals happening!? I'll say that", he laughed "can I talk to you seriously now?", "sure whatcha thinking" I ansawred, "let's go over there first" he lead me over to a corner table, "ok can you tell me now?", he sat "Niall, he likes you... Alot he has you know... Feelings for you","Liam don't be silly he dosent have feelings for me" I thought about it for a minuet could he? "he does and so does Harry I just wanted you to know because Niall's my best friend and I know he would never tell you and Harry he will but I don't want you to pick Harry because you don't know that Niall likes you..." they like me? Are you kidding? No way they wouldn't like me out of all people "so what do I do?", "don't tell them I told you ill keep you updated it can be our secret thing, just keep doing what you do and don't think about what I say to much so it's unnatural for you I just wanted you to know" he winked Liam ha have to love Liam "thanks it can be like a inside thing" I smiled zayn joined us "vas happening!?", "just talking, virtical hair" I teased tossing a fri at him, he caught it in his mouth, "impressive" I clapped silently, "I should be going soon got horses to feed" I got up "byye" they said in unison. I walked behind Niall "boo!" I squeezed his sides. "hey" he smiled "I have to go so I wanted to say bye", he frowned a little hiding it he hugged me i got a fluttery chest "see you tomorrow", "see ya" ruffled his hair and smiled "bye". I walked to Harry and grabbed his hand "hey" he said warmly, "I have to go","can I take you?" I glanced at Niall watching me "naw it's fine I'll get a taxi","if you insist", he hugged me I hugged him back warmly butterflies "bye" I said again. I walked into the summer air and took in my surroundings best summer ever I thought.
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