My heart went two directions

6 friends 1 girl 2 love-sick boys and a whole lot of dramma when aria meets famous band 1 direction she never thought they'd get this close or that she'd be considerd there best friend it all started out tres great then Niall and hazza fall 4 the same girl who will this star horse back rider/genius/boy magnet choose how will she choose will she choose?..... (there will be a sequel :))


43. Nari

Aria's P.O.V

We walked out of the rink and headed to no where in particular, "where are we going?" I asked finally, "Nandos?" he changed our direction so we headed to the car, "ok" I stuffed my hands in my pockets to hide them from the cold, "we could go somewhere else, wherever you want" he looked at me. I glanced around thinking of somewhere to go, "how about umm.." I paused when I saw a little grayish thing by a tree move around, "Niall!" I grabbed his arm and pointed to it, "what is that?" he asked stepping closer to me. "I don't know" I softly let his arm free, "sorry" I said when he rubbed his arm, "it's ok" he kept his eyes on the little gray thing as well as I did. "lets go look" he looked towards me, I nodded and let him go first. he reached back and grabbed me hand, "what are you doing all the way back there?", I shrugged and we both walked up to it. I bent down to look closer, it had dirty floppy white ears a spotted face and scrawny black spotted body. I filled with pity and love for the little thing, "niall it a puppy!" I carefully scooped her up and set it in my arms, "it looks half dead" he replied poking it's ribs. "that's why she's coming with us" I wiped it's tiny face off with the white part of my sleeve cleaning it's face so it's black and white face showed, "but it might have rabies" he protested, "but she probably doesn't, and look at that face it's irresistible you can't just leave her" I continued wiping the dirt from her body, Niall looked at it with judging eyes. I lifted her so she was eye level with him, "please" I said in my most sugary sweet tone, his eyes changed from judging to soft and loving. He reached out and stroked her coat, "I guess she couldn't hurt anything", my smile could've touched the tips of my ears, I grabbed him in a tight hug "thank you!" I smiled into his shirt he hugged me back warmly. The puppy wiggled between us forcing us to let go, I kissed the little Dalmatians head, "we have to find somewhere dog friendly to eat now" I lifted the puppy to my face she looked weak and tired her warm coco brown eyes looked into mine. I cradled her in my arms like a baby, "the nearest Subway could work" Niall linked his arm through mine. "Fine with me" a cold wisp of wind sweeped around us, the puppy pressed it's head against my shirt to get warmer, "what are you naming it?" he asked, "you choose", "me?" he asked surprised. "No the tree over there" I laughed, he threw me a side ways crooked smiled, "what about Sassy after you" he joked, I rolled my eyes and smiled, "there it is again!" he laughed, "maybe we should name it Haha Veryfunny after you" I teased back, "what about Narry after both of us" he smiled, "Narry?", "yeah but spelt with a ari" he correct, "I like it, little Nari" I lifted the puppy up to me face, "Do you like it?" I asked Nari, she replied with a tired yawn, "I think she does" I cradled her in my arms like a baby. 


We sat on the bench outside of the Subway sharing a foot long sub. I tore off a piece of the bread and threw it down to Nari, she slowly bit into the bread like she hadn't eaten in weeks, "maybe I should take her to the vet and have them check for a chip" I said stroking her coat, "you should take her to the vet so they can check her out and all that but I'm 99% positive she's stray" he replied giving her some more bread crumbs. "hopefully" I sighed, "I'm still your puppy even if she does though right?" he smiled his gray/blue eyes twinkled, "always" I laughed. 


Niall's P.O.V

Ari tore off another piece of bread and gave it to the dog, curly strands of caramel/golden hair fell in her face when she bent over. "So whatcha doing tomorrow?" I asked stupidly, "I have to work and then practice for a up coming comp." she answered, "when is it?" I asked nervously twisting a string that came off my sock around my finger until it was purple and I let go, "roughly a week" she said. "would it be ok if I came?" I inched closer, she smiled showing two rows of shiny white teeth "I was actually going to ask you to", "good you can text me the information". she nodded and put the puppy on her lap, her cheeks had started turning a rosy color from the cold. "here" I pulled my scarf off and handed it to her,

Aria's P.O.V

"you can keep it, I'm fine" I gave it back, "your cheeks are getting red I think you need it more than me"  niall wrapped the scarf around my neck, "thanks" I adjusted it. "Maybe we should go back before it gets to cold for you" he helped me up, "unless you want to go back to my place or we could stay or I could take you home" he let me choose, "it is getting a bit too cold" we started walking to the car, "and I think maybe Nari should get a bath and some food", he linked our pinkies "home it is" 

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