My heart went two directions

6 friends 1 girl 2 love-sick boys and a whole lot of dramma when aria meets famous band 1 direction she never thought they'd get this close or that she'd be considerd there best friend it all started out tres great then Niall and hazza fall 4 the same girl who will this star horse back rider/genius/boy magnet choose how will she choose will she choose?..... (there will be a sequel :))


53. jumping off swingsets

Aria's P.O.V

"Lets go to the swings!" I excitingly jumped I hadn't been to a park since Toby took me in the summer.  "I want to climb a tree first" Niall did a 360 scanning the property looking for the perfect tree. "I think the swings will be more fun" I pulled his hand towards the swings. "But...but-". "Pleeeease.." I begged. "Ok, only because you added extra eee's to the please" he walked to the swings. By the time he got there I was already on the swing waiting. He slide into the one next to me and pushed off the same time I did. "how is this going to be more fun than a tree" he looked over. "It's a lot more fun the way I swing" I smiled. He stared back clueless. "here stop the swing" I drug my feet in the dirt and my swing stopped and he copied. "do this" I threw the bottom part on the swing over the top bar and repeated until when I sat in it my feet dangled centimeters from the ground. "what does this do?" he asked after his swing looked like mine. "What where going to do is, first we have to get really high up and then you have to do something dangerous on the swing and I have to copy and the I do something that you have to copy until one of us chickens out." I explained. He sat "Ok this wont be to hard" he smirked at me, "I don't loose at this game, I can loose at scrabble but not this" I smirked back. "ready, set-". "Wait!" he stopped me. I looked at him, "I just want you to know that if you loose I'll still love you" he slyly smiled leaning in for a kiss. "And go!" I pushed off the ground seconds before his lips met mine. "Hey!" he jumped on the swing and started pumping his legs hard, "not fair!" he laughed. "I just want you to know that when you loose I still love you!" I giggled. "haha very funny, I'll remember this next time you ask me to make food for you." he joked  "Ok Niallator but the game hasn't started, Were just now starting." I smiled we were swinging in unison now. "You start" I swung higher. Niall let go of the chains attaching the swing and the set and I copied. "Amateur" I snickered, "Your turn" his words were light and easy. My brain turned thinking of the perfected thing to do. Finally I let go of the chains and slid out of the seat so the only thing hanging on was my legs wrapped into the chains keeping me from falling. I closed my eyes letting the wind blow through my hair until my fingers scraped the ground slowing me to a stop. "your turn!" I called up to him, "I can't do that" he shouted down. He drifted to a stop next to me. "How did you do that?" he asked looking straight at me. "All I did was let go and slide" I kicked around the dirt to keep moving a little. "But you were upside down" he started to push me a little on the swing, I drug my feet in the ground to stop and got up "I told you I never loose" I smiled . "look!" Niall suddenly pointed to something, "what?" I looked around and saw nothing. He leaped forward cupping something in his hands at the base of the tree. "What are you doing" he stood back up and opened his hands in front of my face. "Lizard" he stroked the brown lizards dry back "I don't know why he's here it's the middle of winter." he held it out for me to touch, I immediately shook my head no. "He wont bite" niall conned on. I took a small step out "He's all yours" My eyes widen.  "If I kiss him will you touch him?". I let out a laugh. He wouldn't do that. "face on kiss and I'll touch it". "deal" he laughed, he headed in for a lizard kiss. "Wait. I want to record you" I pulled out my phone and got ready to film. "go" I intently watched. he stroked air as if someone was in front of him that he was going to kiss. putting on a show. He went in and kissed the lizard right face on. my mouth dropped "nasty". He giggled "your turn" I reached out a finger and shakily touched rough dry skin, the lizard tongue struck out just missing my finger. I let out a sudden yelp "Can we go home now, before your lizard eats us" I stepped back with my hands close to me. "Ok, but he likes you that's why he licked you" he set it down. "Don't be so girly" he collapsed his hand over mine. "I'm sorry I just don't like lizards or snakes or caterpillars" , "I didn't mean it like that." he softly laughed. "we're so pathetic" I laughed. "what do you mean" he opened the car door for me giggling. "I don't really know it's-" I started laughing extremely hard. "oh my god Ari" he  laughed, rubbing my back. "your too cute" he giggled. The gravel crunched under the tires as we pulled into my drive way. "What are we going to do?" he said letting me out. "We can watch a movie" we walked into the house. "Surprisingly I want to see something scary" I looked up at Niall to see his response. "Seriously? or are you just kidding." He sat down on the corner on the couch. "Seriously but it's your choice" I plopped down next to him. "Well I wanted to see a chick flick oddly enough" he joked "but I like scary movies". I pointed to the bin of movies "go pick". "Are you sure you don't want to. I picked the last movie". I nodded knowing if I picked I'd chicken out of a horror movie. he popped in a disc, I checked my watch 6:10. I ran to the light switch and dimmed the lights like a real theater. I went to get a water from the kitchen. "you want anything, I'm getting water" I asked, "Would it be rude to ask for a beer?" he nervously replied. "No, I might not have any but if I do I'm driving you home" I clarified, "I don't want to make you do that never mind". "Oh it's fine you don't live that far" I dug to the bottom of the fridge to find one and rarely enough a found a beer. I handed him the beer and then snuggled close to him feeling brave and scared at the same time about the movie. "You sure about this" Niall's voice sounded reassuring, "yeah". The title popped up on the screen, 'Mama' I felt frill chills reach down my spine and it hadn't even started. Niall pulled me into his lap sensing I was scared he hugged me closer. "Here, it may make you feel better" he held his drink out in front of me. "I don't drink" I thought I had told him that when we were talking about my mum. "I remember but I thought you may want to try". "If I do your going to have to stay the night cause your not driving yourself home and I wont let myself if I drink at all" I softly said. "It's ok do what feels right". I slowly took a tiny sip of the alcohol it burned going down my throat. "it burns" I handed it back and went back to the movie still feeling an awful taste. The movie was absolutely terrifying, I reached back and pulled a blanket over myself for some reason they make me feel a lot safer. Niall pulled the bottom of my t-shirt, at that moment a demon thingy popped up on screen with a loud crash. I let out a yelp "turn it off! make it stop" I pressed my face into his shirt fingers trembling. I heard the T.V shut off, "it's fine, I gotcha" he soothed patting my back. I scarcely looked up, and felt warm lips touch my cheek. I immediately felt better, I cupped his ear and put a hand on the back of his neck keeping him close. I pulled him into a warm soft kiss, butterflies erupted in my stomach. he gently pressed one of his hands against mine, "befer?" he slurred, "I mean better?, I don't know what that was you just make me melt" he softly kissed my forehead I leaned into his chest, "you have the same effect on me" I glanced around for any signs of danger. "Really?" , I nodded "can we go to a less scary room?". "Ok". I slowly stood and carefully ran upstairs dashing into my room afraid something may be chasing me. There was... Niall.  He closed the door and sat on the bed staring at me from across the room I was on my piano bench. "I knew you were going to be afraid" he cracked a smile and suddenly his phone rang. He frowned when he saw the contact name. Harry maybe? "I have to take this". I nodded understanding. "hello?" he quietly walked out the door, "I'll just be a sec" he whispered. I blew out my lips and flicked the on button on the keyboard. I hit a couple notes and then started to play 'I wont give up' by Jason Maraz. Would Niall ever cheat? I mean he's a pop star maybe a regular girl isn't enough but something about him made me feel special and more than that it made me love him. So would he? No it had to just be insecurities. "I didn't know you play" his Irish voice rang. "I do a little do you?" I scooted over so he could sit with me. "No" he pressed a G and then a F#. "wanna learn?". He did a mini hop. "so the white keys go up in groups of seven A, B,C,D,E,F,G the Black Keys are flats and sharps" I instructed. He nodded "I can figure those out because of guitar" he pressed a group of keys. "easily. Some chords use the same notes as the guitar so your good to go basically, playing by ear" I ran my finger across the board. "So who was that?" I asked, he hesitated "the same person I had to meet this morning" he patted my arm. "Can't you just tell me? It's making me really insecure" I stared at the wall feeling tears well in my eyes. "Oh god I'm so sorry. Don't cry or I'm going to cry I can feel it coming. I was with Hanna." He looked straight at me his eyes were swimming in tears like mine. "why were you with her?" I felt one worry fly away but now another... why? "I can't tell you-" he started to choke up and wrapped me in a hug. "I'll tell you as soon as possible" he breathed down my neck. "Don't cry, trust me I wouldn't lie to you ever" he lightly sobbed. I let out a stream of tears. "Your my everything" in thoughs three words I was taken.

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